We were married yesterday.

Last September, Daveysnothere and I started chatting back and forth, we became firiends almost instantly. This lasted until Febuary of this year when we finaly decided, after months of chatting back and forth through email and on the phone, that it was finaly time to meet. On Feb 9, 2006 we met for lunch in Portland Oregon, that lunch turned into going and watching movies and talking more in person, that date lead to another date the following weekend. After three weekends of seeing each other we finaly decided that we would date exculsivly, In April of 2006 I was given a promise ring I knew it then he turly loved me and my daughter. On May 24, 2006 David asked me to be his wife for time and all eternity , We were married yesterday in the Portland Oregon Temple for time and all eternity, We have found the true meaning of true love and all the things that come with it. We have found that the Temple and the lord need to be and have been a constant guiding force in our relationship, We were turly luckly to find each other, Thanks to this wonderful website we both have met some really great friends along the way. Now we have become each others best friends, life partners, and most of all eternal companions.

David and Leah
Astoria, Oregon

mommyhugz1978 & Daveysnothere

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