We've been happily married ever since.

I'm happy to say that I no longer need an account on LDS Mingle, because "dopey20" and I ("PrincessHolly") were married June 28, 2006. Thank you for everything.

I first met dopey20 in March of '06. It wasn't exactly love at first instant message, but our friendship escalated over the weeks we talked. We would be on the phone for hours. The only barrier keeping us as "friends" at this time was that I'm native to Idaho while he's from Alabama. He moved to Idaho mid-April (partly for me and partly to get a job), and we were dating before I knew it. He proposed in May. It seemed so soon, but we had both prayed about it and knew it was right. We originally wanted to wed in August, but my mother suggested the end of June so that we could honeymoon in Alabama during his family's July 4th reunion. It was great to meet his family and tour his hometown.
We've been happily married ever since. Together, we're an unbeatable pair. We look forward to the eternities together.

PrincessHolly & dopey20

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