We look forward to our silver anniversary.

We started writing in early May after he looked at my profile and I sent him a smile. I was off line because LDS Mingle had ended my lifetime membership so I had to deal with you guys to get back my priveleges, then I wrote him back. We wrote every day for the month of May and then he asked to meet me. I invited him to a family bar-b-que at my home with my kids and grandchildren and he showed up with flowers and potato chips. My kids liked him, my mother liked him and I liked him and invited him back. We wrote every day during the week and visited on weekends. It was his challenge to convince me I wanted to be married, and he did. We were married July 28 with some of our children, grandchildren and siblings present. We went to San Diego for a week honeymoon. He is retiring and moving in with me and we are buying the home I have been living in. We're having lots of life changes, especially him with retiring, selling his home and getting married, but we
have done well in communicating and dealing with differences, and look forward to our silver anniversary.
Lollita and SJSmith.

Lollita & SJSmith

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