We knew we needed to meet each other.

I joined LDS mingle in May of 2006, after the site was recommended by a friend. I was rather reluctant to join at first as I didn't think I would enjoy talking to anyone on a computer. However I had a good response and started to make and meet a lot of good friends. One of the first responses I received was from a man called Mark in Las Vegas. We casually sent cards to each other up until August of this year, maybe one or two cards a week but I never thought too much about it as I lived in England and thought the distance would be too much of a problem. During August we had a few on line conversations that by the end of August had turned into daily chats for about an hour, as soon as he got up on a morning. These chats then turned into telephone conversations, the first lasting 10 minutes, the second half an hour and the third 9 hours, then daily for at least three hours a day until October. By this stage we knew we needed to meet each other. The most fascinating part of this story is the following. I visit friends in Queen Creek, Arizona every October and during our visit they always take me and my 2 boys to Disney Land. This year they had said that they would not be taking us to Disney Land but were in fact going to suprise us and take us somewhere different. They had, totally unbeknown to me planned to bring us to Las Vegas. This of course meant we were able to meet, which we did on the 9th October, and after spending 4 days together Mark proposed to me in the Celestial Room of the las Vegas Temple. It felt so right even though we had only been physically together for 4 days. I accepted and we were married 26th October and will be sealed in the Las Vegas Temple as soon as the relevant paper work is processed. I know Heavenly Father was instrumental in bringing us together but that could only have happenend through Mingle. Thank you so much, I have read so many success stories but never imagined that I would be writing my own after only 6 months.


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