We hit it off immediately.

I had just about given up on finding anyone online that would be worth my time. I came across Angela's profile, but she wasn't online, so I added her to my favorites list. I saw her online a few times, but it was a couple weeks before I got the gumption to write.
We hit it off immediately and after a week, we decided to meet. We set a date for the next tuesday to go out to dinner. On the Thursday before our planned date, she told me that she had forgotten about a concert that she had tickets for. I was disappointed, because I thought we were going to have reschedule... not the case, she asked if I would join her.
I didn't think a concert would be a good choice as a first date, so I asked if we could meet before. She agreed, and it turns out, that night was free for both of us. It has been incredible ever since. She has met most of my family and they adore her and her family all approve of me... Not that any of that matters, I love her and I am hoping for all this to continue.
Good luck to all those that are looking for someone to add to their life, just remember... look for a friend first, what will follow will come. Let it happen.
Nathan and Angela


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