We hit it off.

A beautiful woman sent me a smile and I responded. We communicated on Mingle for a short while then met in Palm Springs for our 1st date. We hit it off. The Lord had His hand in our meeting and has blessed us with a growing relationship. I don't know exactly where it is going from here, but I believe Mingles is/was the vehicle that made it possible for us to meet and time will tell if we end up in the Temple or not. ..... To be continued....

**UPDATED Jan 20th, 2007**
Well, the question has been asked and we are engaged to be married with many details to work out before the date can be set. So, another happy couple is on its way to the Temple to be sealed eternally. Thanks again Mignles for helping 2 more people find each other.

**UPDATED Sept 19th, 2007**
I started on LDSMingle a little over a year ago. I met a wonderful sister here in October 2006. We communicated via Mingle, e-mail, and phone for about a month. We finally met in person 1/2 way from where we both live. Our first datye was perfect, in Palm Springs at the top of the mountain. We hit it off!!!!! We continued to communicate using the same media. However, we would meet 1/2 way once a month and I would fly to where she lived once a month. I proposed early January. She accepted mid January. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple mid July (exactly 6 months after we were engaged). Now I commute twice a month to be with her. As soon as my former home sells, I will move to be with her. Thank you for helping us become an eternal family.


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