We are so excited to be together.

Hello Sara. Just wanted to tell you a short success story about 2 people on your web site.

On April 7, 2006, Debz13 and ksualum met on your web site. I (ksualum) sent an instant message to her and she almost immediately answered. We each just wanted to chat with someone since other relationships were not going as well as either of us would have liked. We wrote for 5 hours that night. Then the next day, we spoke on the phone for 5 hours. So we decided to keep in close contact and be friends. We spoke on the phone and web cam over 4 months for hundreds of hours, never missing a single day. Our relationship grew and changed to love as we learned more and more about each other. We finally met in person on July 29th. She leaves back for Scotland tomorrow (August 10). We have become very close and decided to get engaged while she was here. We picked out a ring together and went to a nice restaurant where I proposed and she accepted on August 7, 2006. The attached pictures were from that night in the restaurant. We have not set a date for the marriage yet, but we are planning to be married before the end of this year. She is planning to move to the US and start a new life together with me here.

We are so excited to be together. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your site. Without this technology, we would never have met since we live so far apart. We will each be removing our profiles but wanted to thank you for helping us to meet. You have a nice website and it has been truly a pleasure to be part of it.

Kindest regards,
Chris Masterson and Debra Butler

**UPDATED May 12th, 2007**
Just a quick follow-up about our recent marriage.
Debra received her Fiancee Visa and arrived in the United States on April 18th, 2007. We were married on May 1st at the Flamingo Hotel Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy to finally be together. We would never have met if it had not been for the LDS Mingle Web site. Thanks
for your wonderful help in meeting and we pray that others will find the same happiness that we have found. Best wishes to all of our friends that we have met on your web site and we hope that they all find that special someone that will make each of them happy.

kindest regards,
Debra (Debz13) & Chris (ksualum

ksualum & Debz13

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