We are now engaged

I will give a quick success story that you might interesting. Me (Goinmad4U) and Lacey (shoe8523) met on here in November of last year and we are now engaged and waiting to go through the Temple to be sealed. Waiting is rough- but I know that it will be worth it. I think that you should consider looking into our story a little more and how unlikely a match at first glance we would be. But I had a 100% match on the site with her.....Thanks!

**Updated Sept 26 2006**

I will tell you exactly how this happened.I had just recently joined LDS Mingle and still did not have a photo posted. One afternoon Lacey(shoe8523) IM'd me and talked fo an hour or so and got to know each other really well. The next day we talked again and wehn we had to seperate she gave me her phone #, I thought this was great but remember she had never seen me so she had no idea if I was who I said I was. I asked her if she worried about giving me her phone because I could be some sort of pyscho. She told me that she felt really good about it.
We set up a time to meet and go to a Christmas dinner for my ward. We left early and sat in her van and talked about stuff important to ourselves and listened to music in the parking lot of the train depot overlooking a beautiful night over Downtown Boise, it was incredible. We did this sort of thing for quite a while. We would open up to each other, we would laugh and then we cry and then we would hold each other.
A little while later I presented her with a promise ring, a promise to not do anything in the nature that her ex did and that I would always be there for her, cause' I loved her.
A while went by and I was introduced to her three great children. I have since established and indiviual relationship with all of them. I did not ever think that I would be this happy and fullfilled by a situation like this. Some time went by and after lots of talk of marriage between us and everyone else, I decided to ask her the BIG question. I had her 5yr. old daughter Clarrissa come with to pick up the ring and asked her if she could do me a favor. Since Rissa said numerous times we should marry, I asked if she would give her mother the ring and ask if she would marry me, happily she said ''yes''.
Of course we are not living together but are doing the closest thing to it. I love this woman with all of my heart and soul and she loves me the same.
If it wasn't for Mingle and the Iming and the cute ways to smile and send cards and read profile we'd have never met.
Thank you so much Mike and Lacey

Goinmad4U & shoe8523

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