Very much in love

Wow! I joined LDSMingle about 2 months ago and never thought this day would come, but it did and I'm so pleased. I met my now husband 2 weeks later. I received an email with his profile in it and I then sent him a smile. He then returned my smile. We then met 2 weeks later and were sealed on December 2nd 2006. We are both very much in love and look forward to building a family. And I encourage you all to keep trying.

His story:

When I started to corespond with Sabrina I knew I should talk to her and call her, and I'm glad I did. Over the past two months we have hit it off. Now we are married and happier then ever. I'm a man of few words But I'm happy to be sealed and recieve the last ordanence in this life.
Lots of love

Angelle101 & danw72

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