True Love DOES Happen! Just let it!

Thanks LDSMINGLE!! Who knew that you can find the one you're meant to be with online!! I sure didn't think I would! At first I was just on here to pass the time but around March or April I sent a smile to Adam12 (who became the love of my life). I never knew that when I sent it that I would be marrying him, or even meeting him for that matter! We started talking whenever we were on at the same time. I had a month membership and I believe he had a lifetime one. So we would IM each other. But in May after coming home for the summer from school I decided that maybe I should try this job adventure with a college friend. I went out to California moved into the apartment and did the job for one day. I got the worse feeling from being there in California so I came back home without a job or any money from that adventure. That night that I came home, Adam IMed me. And thank goodness cause I missed talking to him and I couldn't IM him since I didn't have a membership anymore and I really wanted to talk. From that day on we talked every night, except for ONE night since. Then I finally got him out of his shell and we talked on the phone. Later that month we decided to meet. My dad, being the loving dad that he is, had to make sure that Adam was who he says he is. I believed him but Dad wasn't too sure. Adam gave him his bishop's number and my dad talked to him. I recommend that to everyone so that you can make sure that the person you want to meet is who they say they are. Anywho, we finally met and that day we knew that we wanted to spend eternity together and he promised to give me a "fun eternity" (which was my name on here). That was our first kiss as well. We have been happy ever since. On July 7th 2006 Adam12 proposed to me in front of the Salt Lake Temple!! The most perfect night.. and we are planning to get married for Time and ALL Eternity on November 11th in the St. George Temple!! Don't think that you can't find love on here! Because obviously its possible! True Love DOES Happen! Just let it!

Thanks again LDSMINGLE! We will forever be grateful for this website! :)

Funeternity and Adam12

funeternity & Adam12

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