Thanks to you, we were able to find each other and make an e

Hi Sarah and crew....This is "sunflowers" and "Petey007". We just wanted to send you some of our wedding pics and let you know how thankful we are for your wonderful site. We were sealed for time and eternity in the Billings, MT temple on July 29th, 2006. Thanks to you, we were able to find each other and make an eternal connection. We have told many of our single friends about your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again and we want to wish all of our mingle friends best wishes and good luck in finding their companions. Don't give up!!!

Sunflowers and Petey007

This is our story....

Petey007 and I ( sunflowers) met in mid November of 2005 at LDS Mingle. I was working the late shift at the hotel and just checking email etc on my computer. I logged into the mingle website to see who might be in chat at 2 in the morning. I was there for about a half hour and was just getting ready to leave when Petey007 sent me and IM. I accepted the IM and we visited for about an hour before he said he needed to go. However, he was bold enough to ask for my phone number before he left. I had never given out my number so quickly before. But after talking to him, viewing his profile etc I felt it would be ok. I gave him my cell number. He called me the next evening and we talked for about five hours!!! We had so much in common from both being in the field of education to our love for animals etc. I had talked to other people on Mingle before, but never had I made such a strong connection in such a short time. We continued on emailing, talking on Mingle and via our cell phones. We knew we simply had to meet. The funny thing is, he is from San Diego and I am from Powell, WY. I had just moved home from Las Vegas a few months prior to meeting him. For two years I lived only 6 hours away. Then we meet and I am now almost 23 hours away. Oy, we were both thinking what the heck. Anyway we just knew we had to meet. So in February he flew up here and spent about a week and we had the most wonderful time. Before he left he gave me a promise ring. We simply knew it was meant to be. After spending so much time on the phone together and then finally meeting face to face, there was no doubt. We had finally found our match. He flew home and we continued to date via cell phone. Communication is one of our many strong points. Then in April he flew up here again and officially proposed. He proposed right in front of everyone at the baggage claim in the Billings, MT airport! I knew he was coming up here to propose, I just didn't know when. We then had the task of planning a wedding that involved family from coast to coast. Finally on July 29th, 2006 we were sealed in the Billings,MT temple. All of this was made possible by your wonderful site. If I hadn't logged in to chat with some friends and if he hadn't logged in just to kill some time we would have never met. Thank you so much for providing such a great site. We now live in Powell, WY where we plan to stay as educators for a long time. Thank you again LDS Mingle! We can be reached at We are firm believers in on-line dating sites and how they can connect people even thousands of miles apart. Thanks again and best wishes to our mingle friends who are still looking.

Sunflowers and Petey007

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