Some of us don't get that lucky on the second try.

Have you ever noticed that people always find what they're looking for in the last place they look, and they stop looking for something they've lost after they've found it? Dating is like the shell game. Put a nut under four shells. Mix them up. Look under the first shell. Is it there? No. Pick another shell. Is it there? Yes! Are you going to bother looking under the other two shells? No. You've already found your nut. Some of us don't get that lucky on the second try. I've been looking for 'nuts' for 8 years and always coming up empty... until now.

July 28, 2005, I was contacted by someone without a picture. Normally I don't give it a second thought because I had an experience with someone not letting me have a picture after a long correspondence, so I don't play that game anymore. But LA was different. Something about her profile struck me as interesting. Unfortunately, I was still stuck on my last relationship, wondering what had happened to it and didn't think it fair to go into another until the first was resolved. Closure is very important. I soon had the misfortune of getting back with my former her suggestion. At first I thought it was a miraculous second chance, but it wasn't that at all. It was simply to prove why I shouldn't be with her. She was even more of the same reason we broke up the first time, and this time it was my decision. It gave me closure and proved that I didn't have to be with someone out of desperation. I could wait until I found someone who was GOOD FOR ME AND MY SON.

After this needed time of healing, I decided to look up LA again, thinking that surely someone like her was already gone. Before I could contact her, she contacted me again. I thought this couldn't be a coincidence and pretty soon we were corresponding daily. Six weeks later we had our first date. Since we both have kids, we decided to take a chance and meet with our escorts in tow. We were both too stubborn & too cautious to give our relationship much credit at first. So we went on a lot of dates right in a row, wrote daily, and talked each night on the phone. LA finally decided that nothing was going to happen. After all, I hadn't even brought her flowers yet. She thought to herself that it would sway her if I had. So she called to tell me how she felt about us and how it was going nowhere. But she just got my machine because I wasn't home that night. I was standing on her doorstep...with flowers. She decided there might be something to me after all (and prayers of the heart). And thus began our daily and nightly ritual. Her father had told her to marry the guy she couldn't live without. She finally admitted that she couldn't live without me which was a relief because I already couldn't live without her either. We got engaged at the Ogden Tabernacle and plan to return there in September 2006 to be sealed.

It is easy to become discouraged when doing this whole dating thing, but patience will reward you if you make a decision TO BE THE RIGHT PERSON and hold out for the person right for you. Patience isn't easy, but it's worth it. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Now we know what that means.

Steve & Lisa
"ANewHope & LisaA"

ANewHope & LisaA

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