Love at first smile

Chris (uscferrari) viewed my profile (lawcutie) and says he fell in love with my smile. He instant messaged me on January 8th, 2006 and we chatted for a few days before we switched to phone calls. We both agreed that we didn't want to fall in love online and that we should meet in person quickly. We met for the first time on MLK day for brunch. Things were a bit awkward that first date, but by the third date we were pretty tight, and shared our first kiss (while watching The Best Two Years.) It wasn't long before we agreed to date exclusively and started telling each other we loved each other. We live 111 miles away from each other, so we've had to limit our dating mostly to the weekends. I was also in my last semester of law school during most of our relationship and Chris has been very understanding and supportive of my having to study every night. And I know it will be even rougher while I study for the bar, but I also know that Chris will be there for me through
it all!

Marriage talk started as a hypothetical in February, but we managed to wait until May to make it official. Chris's proposal was literally very sweet. One of our favorite dates was when we sat outside a truffle shop in his car eating chocolate, kissing, and listening to Cold Play. So Chris decided to hide the ring in a large truffle. Chocolate and diamonds....who can resist? Not me! So we made it official. We are getting married August 12th of this year in the San Diego temple. We can't wait to begin our life together.


Lawcutie and USCFerrari

Lawcutie and USCFerrari

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