Love and friendship is all that matters.

I met an amazing person here that I never thought was possible but it turned out to true; although we have been talking online for near on 2.5 months. We have become good friends, almost to say that when we meet next spring. One Romeo will be popping the big question (He Hopes).

We have talked many times on the phone and shared countless stories with each other. Our personalities have made so much impact that we just knew how it felt and how much of a friendship we had formed. We knew that the next step was to become more than friends. Living in two different countries was not a problem. When you come to know some one that does not even come into the equation. Love and friendship is all that matters.

I have met so many good people on here. I know that anyone as a hopeless romantic as I was to meet some one on LDSmingle. I know it works for sure.

I know I have met my companion on here and I know this site works. I have a testamony of LDSmingle. I know that the Lord had plans for me to meet some in on here, I know that I have.
Lucky_duck and amphrite

lucky_duck & amphrite

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