LOVE begins in a simple SMILE!

Marty and I met each other in one of the church website of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS and we are both members. The website name is LDS.MINGLE.COM. We just met last May 10, 2006. I send him a smile so that he will notice me. And he did. He send me a gift subscription for the LDS.MINGLE.COM so that I can send email and chat with him every time we are both online. I am so surprise about that gift because he paid $39.99 dollars for me. And the beautiful friendship began between us. I gave my telephone number to him and he bought some calling cards to call me in the phone. We talk over the phone in so many hours like 2 hours to 5 hours. We enjoy each other's company that’s why we fell in love each other.

Then one day I am about to tell him that I fell in love with him but he was the first who told me that he loves me. But he is worried about our age differences and his work and my studies. But we love each other very much that’s why he proposed to me over in the internet and I accepted his proposal. The day of June 10, 2006 when he proposed a Temple Marriage with me. A very great marriage in our church. He gave me an engagement ring and I am so very happy about it. By July he was planning to visit me here to be able to meet my family in person and ask my parents permission to marry me.

On the day of September 02, 2006. I receive a mail to my fiancé and we talked in chat. I was surprised when I read the mail from him because it tells about his flight coming over here and he explain it to me more. We first met each other in person in the Philippines Airport together my father, my uncle and my siblings last September 08, 2006 around 5am in the morning. He stayed in my sisters apartment and me in my fathers house. But we enjoyed being together here. We date some with my chaperone always and that’s one of the Filipino culture before. We take lots of pictures here in Angeles City. The sad part is when he needed to come back in the USA last September 18, 2006.

We love each other and we are hoping to be together someday. Till we meet again and get married in the church temple and be happy forever and ever. We just wanted to be together and have our own family together. We loved each other very much. And we can't wait to be together. I am looking forward with that. When I come over there he will continue driving on his truck with me while I will continue my studies over in the internet. After few years we will stay permanently in one place together each other and build our own happy family and simple life just be with each other. I know it would happen, we are truly in love each other and God will help us… We know!

**UPDATED July 21, 2007**

Chistian and I met here last year May 10, 2006. We are good friends. Chistian is a very lonely woman at that time and that's why I began to talk to her. We talked in the computer and I called her on their phone and we talked 2 to 4 hours everyday. When I talked to her my heart feels happy and I don't know why... we began to fall for each other when, on June 20th 2006, I told her I love her and she loves me too. July 2006 I gave her an engagement ring and proposed to her that I want to marry her in the temple for time and eternity. But we got engaged through the phone only. That's why I decided to see her in person. She was from the philippines and she is very pretty with tan skin which I love most. I went to her sister first in california to talk to her about my intention to my baby. Then I went to the philippines September 2006 and talk to her family about my intention to their daughter. I'm glad they said yes... And now we are happy and pur papers are ok now. I am here in USA and she still in the philippines and waiting her this coming September 2007 and we will getting married on October 06, 2007. I am looking forward to be with her and see her sweet, pretty face everyday and every night of my life... I love her so much... my sweet companion. THANKS HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THIS GREAT BLESSINGS I HAD IN MY LIFE. And thanks LDSMINGLE!!!


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