It's a long story of faith and true love.

It's a long story of faith and true love. All I will say is I met him on this line two years ago.
I had removed my profile due to disappointments and dead ends.
I then had a strong prompting to put my profile back
I received a smile from a sweet and nice looking gentleman from Peru.
I was going to respond and then I figured "No it's pointless because he is just too far"
Well...I felt prompted to respond and we started chatting writing letters, calling, and so on and we began to develop feelings for one another.
I prayed to the Lord that if it was his will that things would work out. Well...we learned that it will not be impossible for him to come here to the United States.
I went to Peru to meet him and he was everything that he told me that he was, he was a complete angel.
I was deeply in love with him.

About 6 months after we met, there were some problems with an Ex that caused us to break off the relationship. I was devistated (and that is how I ended up back here). Anyway, I felt in my heart that it would be okay and that I should be patient and three weeks later he told me that he wanted to get back together.
I was uncertain about this, but after praying I felt that it was the right thing to do.
Well..more trials came and I again felt all would be well.
Now we are back together and we are deeply in love with one another.
Faith and persistence did pay off.
I am so happy.
A marriage date is not as yet set, but I know that it will happen

He's a great guy and he is a man who tries so hard and who strives to do the right things.
Best wishes to everyone.

**UPDATED 10/16/06**
Wowee! It really does work. I swore that I would never meet anyone from the internet, but I had a feeling that I needed to at least give it a try. Two years ago I did meet someone from this site and we were engaged and then the engagement was broke off and it was very very painful. In November of 2005 I received smiles from Antonytiger along with e mails and we began to chat. I lost contact with him for a while since he did not have any internet access. Our contact went off and on. The more I talked to him the more I felt that I really liked him. Just a few months ago he sent me an e mail asking me to call him because he no longer had internet access.

I was getting ready to call him and realized that I had accidentally deleted his phone # I felt very bummed out because I really felt the need to give him a call. Well, I did everything that I could to find his # through the internet and had no success. I really had a feeling that I needed to get in touch with him. I had prayed about it and the following day he was online and I told him what had happened. HE gave me his phone # again and we began talking on the phone and really hit it off.

He told me that he could meet me in the middle of October and the more we talked the more we really liked each other and realized that we wanted to be together so we ended up meeting on September 19th. When I saw him coming down the ramp at the airport, I felt like I was seeing a long lost friend and I was in love . We got married in Las Vegas on September 21st. He's a wonderful man and I could not be happier.

I just want to thank LDS Mingle for this program. I had moments of disappointment, discouragement and broken promises, but everytime I talked to antonytiger, I felt like he was the one.

He really is a wonderful man and I feel that the money that I put into the program was the best money I had every spent in my life.

returnofthejedi & antonytiger

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