I was determined to get her attention.

I think I must have quit and re-joined LDSmingle 4 or 5 times. I had a few bad experiences in meeting people on the site, but every time I quit, I felt the overwhelming need to return because I had a feeling I was going to meet my future wife online. Early this year I saw the profile of one of the most beautiful Asian girls I have ever seen on your site. I sent her a smile and waited to hear back from her with great anticipation. I guess she was getting a lot of smiles because I didn't hear from her right away. Every week for a few weeks I would send her another smile hoping that I would stand out from the other hundreds of guys I imagined were smiling at her too. I was determined to get her attention, even if it was just her telling me to quit smiling at her...haha. She finally emailed me on the 5th of May, 2006, and said that she would love to chat with me sometime. Since that day, we have spent many hours chatting online with messenger and web cams, and talking on the phone. Just a few weeks ago I left Canada and literally traveled halfway around the world to see her in the Philippines where I found out she is even more beautiful in person. Near the end of my trip I proposed to her at the Manila temple, and thankfully for me...she said 'YES'! Now we are planning to be married in the Manila temple May 5th, 2007, exactly one year from the day she first emailed me. I can't thank you enough for having such a wonderful website for single members of the church to be able to meet each other. I thought I would have to get to heaven first before I would be able to meet an angel, but you helped me to meet one online.

Thank you,

Chris Holt


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