I said yes!

I have a wonderful story to tell you. In November of 2005, I began getting smiles and mingle mail messages from one of my recent matches. Then we exchanged phone numbers and began talking to each other on the phone. In December 2005 he asked me out on a date. Then a couple weeks later we went to a New Year's Eve party together. We continued to talk on the phone and date over the next few months of 2006.
I never saw it coming until the end of May, but with each passing day during the first few months of 2006 he was falling in love with me. I didn't realize he was in love with me until the end of May because he had never held my hand or put his arm around me until we went to a concert on Memorial Day.
From that night on he also started calling me every single night instead of just two or three nights a week. And about a week later on June 7, 2006, he called me and finally admitted he was so in love with me and told me he loved me and would be delighted if I would be his girlfriend. I gladly said yes and told him I loved him too.
Ever since that day I have been so head over heels in love with him. I love him more and more each day. And for a very good reason. And that reason is because about a month later (July 2006) he proposed and asked if I would marry him! I was so excited! Of course I said yes! This man is so incredibly wonderful. He is the best thing to come into my life. He has made this past summer be the best one of my whole life. I never imagined I would fall in love and get engaged this summer. I am so glad that I have fallen in love with this kind, loving, wonderful man. He maens the world to me.
And I am sure after reading my story you would all like to know when we are getting married and who is writing this sucess story. We are getting married December 22nd, 2006. And this story has been written by rubyfox32. And I fell in love with and am marrying penguinboy. We wish you all the best of luck and will put up an invitation on the message board sometime in November so any of you who knew either of us can attend our reception.
rubyfox32 and penguinboy

rubyfox32 & penguinboy

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