I proposed to her.

I met CTRGIRL3 as a perfect match of 100% in February. There was a SA Conference in her state and I went but, to my suprise, her birthday was that month and she was visiting her daughter and grandchildren in Utah. Another SA Conference was scheduled in April and we exchanged emails, cards, and spoke on the phone and agreed to meet there. 7 to 10 days before the conference it was cancelled and I still went down to meet this amazing lady. Our first date was to the Temple where together we sealed my mothers, fathers family together. 42 Sealings that day and an endowment session. That was April 27, 2006 and on Tuesday the following week before going home, she invited me back over for supper. She's an awesome cook and we went bowling and she kicked my highnee, and we had a great time. From that week on we talked daily, exchanged emails, and got together monthly and attended the Temple as soon as we got off the plane. I proposed to her in the NC Raleigh Temple on July 19th, she didn't say no but that it was too soon. On Friday, August 25th in the Orlando Temple she ask me to ask her again, and this time she said yes. Her daughter will be home from her mission in Mesa, AZ November 21 and we will be Sealed for Time and all Eternity on December 9th. Keep the faith, pray always, attend the Temple regularly and Heavenly Father can and will bless each of us with that special someone in our lives. I know he did me.


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