I knew I wanted to see him again and again and again.

It was just a year ago (Sept 2005) that Powderman and I met here online. We im'd for awhile and he suggested we get together. I, however, was hesitant to agree. But, he seemed fun enough so I gave him a quiz to see if he was date worthy (he had to remember everything I had told him that night). He failed miserably but he took the teasing and game playing with ease. So I consented. We met a few days later for our first date. Immediately I was glad I had agreed. This guy was different(in a good way HA!) and SO ATTRACTIVE! I knew I wanted to see him again and again and again. I got my wish. We continued to see each other several times a week. We were inseparable. We had a lot of fun and he treated me so well. I knew I had found "the one". Right before Thanksgiving 2005 we got engaged! Because we had only known each other a short while we decided to have a nice long engagement (6 1/2 months!) I am so glad we did. We had a great time dating and getting to know each other. It seemed like forever before we would marry but FINALLY in June 2006 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a great day! THANKS LDS MINGLES for providing a way for us to meet!

Bananaz & Powderman

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