I have married my best friend

I would like to just say thank you to LDSMingle for bringing raredoggy and I, sunbeam5 together. The safety this web site gave us enabled our freindship to blossom to the point that the only thing we could do to furthur our friendship was marriage.
So it was after a trip to the temple and some nourishsment from McDonalds on the way home, Raredoggy proposed in the car park of McDonalds.
He looked very nervous but I giggled and said yes. We were married on the ninth of June 2006.
I have married my best friend, my best companion, my confidant , my lover at last. The Lord graced us with his presence in every step we took to find each other. And we both feel extremly blessed to have found each other, with the help of LDSMingle we would never of met, but with the coaxing of friends I joined and could not beleive my eyes raredoggy joined the same week and that was the week we got talking, and talking.
This man of God has gained the respect of all my children and they did not hesitate in calling him dad.
I know have everything I prayed for in the temple, which was for the Lord to help me find a man that could give me the same peace I feel in my heart ,that I feel in the celestial room,and raredoggy did it from the start, a true gentleman, and righteous man of God.
I feel proud to carry his name and to call him husband. The joy we both feel is so overwhelming, my chidren cannot beleive I could ever be so happy.
My married daughter told me that she was studying the scripture last night, and found in them the attributes required to be a son of God.... And she gleefully informed me that I had found one do not let him go, and that I was most fortunate to have a second chance.. and that the Lord must be watching over me and her little brothers and sisters...
I can only concur with her and feel blessed that raredoggy has brought such peace into my family and such peace in to my soul.
Again we both would like to say thank yo LDSMingle and keep up the good work
Love always Sunbeam5 and raredoggy
OR Russell and Jacqueline Poole.

sunbeam5 & raredoggy

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