He is so wonderful!

My fiance and I met online in January of this year. We wrote back and forth through email and instant messenger for a few months and got to know each other really well and became great friends. In May, he asked me if he could call me. Of corse I said YES!! He called me and we got to know each other on a completely different level. He decided he wanted to come see me so he drove up from Utah at the end of June and we spent about a week together up here in Seattle. Then I rode back to Utah with him and we spent about a week together down there. Everything went perfect! He is amazing! We have been back and forth to see each other numerous times and just recently decided to get married in April when he graduates. I am moving down there in December, so the long distance relationship will be close distance soon. He is so wonderful! He is everything I could ever want in a husband and I am so thankful that we have found each other! Thanks LDSmingle!
-Seattlegirl21 & Mixmasterp24

His story:
Yeah, I was just randomly checking profiles of hotties, and oh . . . I found one! I said, wow, she's hot. I should email her. So I did, and she said she had a boyfriend and we could be friends. And I thought to myself, well that's cool, I dunno about this friends stuff cuz she really gorgeous and I dunno, I'd get jealous and stuff. So I sent an email back saying, yeah thats cool we can friends. But then I didn't email her again until 5 months later and she said hey I 'member . . . kinda what do you look like and so we swapped pictures and I talked to her on msn and then text message and then I called her on the phone for 6 hours and we have talked on the phone all the time since then. I went to meet her at a grocery store parking lot and she was gorgeous. I said I would like to marry you. And she said, don't think so fly boy, we need to date just a lil bit. So we did for 8 months, then we're gunna get married in da temple bc I love her. amen

seattlegirl21 & Mixmasterp24

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