Give it a shot

Well, I have always been very skeptical about using online dating services, even though my brother met his wife through LDS Mingle. However, a series of events led me to "give it a shot", because I figured I could get a date or two out of it perhaps.
Sarah, my fiance, stumbled across this website by accident while looking for information about suggestions for Activity Days activities. Though we have tried since then to duplicate that search result, none have produced LDS Mingle on them again. This isn't a coincidence though, certainly not.
The day after Sarah got online (and 4 days after I had opened my account) we met. She sent me a smile and from there we never went a day without IMing on here as well as MSN Messenger before talking on the phone, burning through hundreds of minutes on phone cards due to the international border seperating us (she's a Canadian).
Finally we met in person and fell in love within days. I just proposed to her on the 8th of October and we will be married in June in the Seattle Temple. I really appreciate the service you guys provide and I have told many of my friends about you. Thanks again!
Kevin & Sarah


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