Friendship turned into unconditional love

I have many people to thank. First, LDS Mingle. Second, my mother for telling me about this site. Third, the nice guys I've met on here earlier that for one reason or another didn't quite work out. And finally .... my future husband, Sean. I was wandering through the profiles, throwing out smiles to guys that caught my eye (a good greating is very helpful). I sent a smile to "Shannanagin" and he wrote back. We wrote back and forth for about a month and finally met for our first date. We had a lot in common and quickly became best friends. And quickly that friendship turned into unconditional love. On our fourth date, Sean proposed. We will be married September 23rd, 2006; just four months after our first date. We are so happy and look forward to spending eternity together. I have no doubts that the Lord has prepared us for each other and finally brought us together ... with the help of Mingle! Thank you!

Amy & Sean (funchica & Shannanagin)

funchica & Shannanagin

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