Eternally grateful is what we are!

A few months after my divorce in '03, I joined this site and started dating
people. As time passed, I dated quite a few girls and kept healing from the
divorce. After quite a bit of dating, I got sick of being online, etc. So,
in October or November of '05, I got off the internet "forever." LOL Well,
come April of this year, I felt like I should get back on and
meet some new girls. I resisted the thought with firm resolve until the
feeling wouldn't go away. So, after a few days of "mingling," Jess
contacted me. As we talked on the phone and then started dating, both of us
knew right away that this was something special. Both of us had dated a lot
and now felt like we had found an amazing match. We don't believe in "The
One," but as we've dated and everything, we have come to realize that the
Lord took great care in getting us together. The tender mercies of the
Lord, as Elder Bednar explained in his second Conference address as an
Apostle, have been showered upon us. Our prayers have been answered in VERY
specific ways regarding what type of person we have both wanted to be sealed
to. Eternally grateful is what we are! The wedding will most likely be in
September. (We're waiting on our approval for sealing clearance from the
First Presidency.)

- Spence


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