Engaged to be married on October 21

Ok... So when I first found out about LDSMingle, I was not in too much of a hurry to sign up. I finally filled out the personality profile and everything else. I even put up a great picture of me that captures my personality just right. Then I started looking at profiles. I didn't really expect to find anyone that would really spark my interest. As I was browsing, I came across the profile of a girl who I thought was really cute. She has a little girl with her in the picture too. I sent her a smile and went on my merry way. She sent me a smile back and we went back and forth, sending smiles back and forth. As time went on, we kinda dwindled off. Maybe a smile every 2-3 weeks. This was all in August to about October of 2005. I didn't think about it much as I was getting ready to start school at the University of Utah plus I was dating someone else. I went to my Psychology class at the U and found a friend or two in the class and we sat together- no big deal. Then one day, as I came in late, I sat next to my friend as usual. Next to him was an empty seat and next to that was a tall, beautiful, blonde girl that I could have sworn I knew from somwhere. I asked if I could sit down and she said that she didn't bite too hard. I then replied that I was more worried about my friend in that regard. She laughed, I sat and we talked through the whole class. As it turned out, this tall gorgeous, blonde was the same girl that I had been sending smiles too on here! We didn't make the connection at first, but when we did, it was quite the entertaining experience. Anyway... to make what is a really long story a little longer, Ashleigh and I are engaged to be married on October 21 in the Bountiful temple. Yay!


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