Embarking on our journey

August 06 and our hearts were lost. Eternity seemed so far away, and impossible to find on this earth......until Rachel found me. Our first conversation lasted an hour. Our second for 6 and I knew without a doubt or hesitation she was and will forever be my eternal companion and my friend. She is amazing to me and a true source of love and inspiration. Her daughter Jewell, is a wonderful child who could only have turned out as she has with Rachels guidance. I am in love with both of them, and look forward to matching wits with Jewell as often as possible. They are the center of my world and my heart.

Bret caught my smile and recognized it immediately; from a preexistence that lingers only in our hearts. He caresses my soul and sings to me with his beautiful heart. And I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father above for loving me this much.

At present, we are embarking on our journey, of hopes and dreams, with faith in our Father in Heaven to guide and lead us. This
is the craziest and most incredible feeling either of us has ever had, and we intend to keep it as fun and loving as we possibly can.


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