A path to find my true love.

It began one dark and lonely night...I was at the LaGuardia airport in New York on the tarmac, waiting for my flight back to Salt Lake by way of Cincinatti. I had been traveling on business for about a week and was very eager to return home. A very bad storm had come in, and we were in line with 27 other planes waiting for a chance to take off. Being divorced, I wasn’t much in the mood to hear the constant kissing and frolicking going on in the seat behind mine with a newlywed couple just returning from their honeymoon. I have never met two people excited to be stuck before, but they were stuck…in more ways than one. After three hours, we had spent enough fuel, requiring us to return to the gate, and cancel the flight. Being a seasoned traveler, I knew what this meant…little or no chance of returning home that night, and tomorrow might be as bad. Good thing I had been in this situation before. As everyone files off in a mad rush for the gate desks to be rebooked, I simply picked up my mobile phone and called the airline reservation center.

It only took a couple of minutes, but I got one of three final seats on the earliest flight out the next morning (although it was from JFK airport). It was already so late, and the new flight was so early the next morning, it made no sense to get a hotel, so I decided it would be a long night at the International terminal at JFK (the only terminal open 24x7). As I walk out of the jetway, I see the hopelessly romantic couple at the very end of the line waiting for reassignment. Obviously, they were distracted with other attentions (good thing they weren’t in the exit row) while the mad dash occurred.

I was about to head down to get my luggage when I had what can only be described as a “prompting”. I felt very strong that I should give my phone to the honeymoon couple before I hang up with the agent. Something told me that they needed the two remaining seats on the first flight the next morning. So I went up to the couple at the end of a very long line, and introduced myself and told them I had an agent standing by to give them two direct flights back the next morning. In a bit of a surprised look, they thanked me and took my phone, and within a couple of minutes, the three of us were confirmed on the last seats out the next morning.

Because we had to travel to another airport, the couple asked if I wanted to split a cab ride with them to get to JFK. I told them that would be fine (with the hope that less smooching would be taking place). So we all got our luggage and got a cab. During the 38 minute drive to JFK, we got to know each other better. We had all three been on missions and active in the church. We had all been previously married. They told me that they had met online through LDSMingle. I was going to try online dating soon, but had never heard of LDS Mingle. They said it was the best site out there and I definitely needed to try it.

When we got to JFK, we found a place to eat (being about 1:00am) where they further insisted I get online and meet someone. After our meal, I wished them well and decided to explore the International Terminal…at least that is what I told them. I went and found a nice quite corner and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t get this couple out of my mind, and what they had told me. So at 3:00am I abandoned the idea of sleep and turned on the laptop. With the use of my broadband wireless card, I got online and took a look at this www.ldsmingle.com website.

I decided to fill out a free profile to see what would happen. So I spent the rest of the early morning hours answering all of the questions and writing my profile.

After clicking the submit key, I jumped on my flight and returned to Salt Lake. A few weeks later, I found the woman of my dreams there on LDSMingle. She is my ideal match and everything I could have ever asked for in a companion. Just today we returned from our honeymoon after getting married the end of last week. I feel that a very architected series of events, that started with severe storms off the eastern seaboard, were put into place leading me down a path to find my true love. I couldn’t be happier.

SLCPrince & onenonly

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