Success Stories: 2006

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We are so very happy

Thanks LDSmingle! On Saturday July 29, 2006 Spywholoved and Fizzypop32 were married. Recently when I was looking through some old emails and clearing out my mailbox I saw my very first "suggested matches" from LDS mingle and realized that the very first email I got from mingle suggested I contact Spy (Matt) and even though at that time, I didn't, it was very funny to learn that Mingle "knew" what we didn't at the time. We are so very happy and our now large family has brought both of us more joy than we ever thought possible. Thank you!
Spywholoved & Fizzypop32

Spywholoved & Fizzypop32

We got married June 27th 2006

We met on Ldsmingles while chating december of 2003. Later I invited her to a singles activities and met her in person. We fell in love on our first real date on febuary 14th 2004. We tried getting married may 25th 2005 but it just wasn't the right time. She had school in salt lake and I felt like I needed to be in saint george for my dad. We decided to break up and not contact each other because we thought it just wouldn't work out. After missing her for a year she called me on may 25th of 2006 and we met at the Loves truck stop in ceder city to talk about things. Then we went to angels landing in zions park. We talked a lot then prayed and fasted. We decided to get married and I proposed to her on the top of angels landing. I moved to salt lake and we got married june 27th 2006 in the bountiful temple. After I fell in love with her she was the only girl I could date. We both learned a lot in the time we spent apart. I am so happy to be married to the only girl I have ever loved... Thanks for your help Lds mingles.... I am so glad I didn't have to take a life time to use my life time membership,

Mark Tyson Trent
A.K.A. Lazurus1977


Eternally grateful is what we are!

A few months after my divorce in '03, I joined this site and started dating
people. As time passed, I dated quite a few girls and kept healing from the
divorce. After quite a bit of dating, I got sick of being online, etc. So,
in October or November of '05, I got off the internet "forever." LOL Well,
come April of this year, I felt like I should get back on and
meet some new girls. I resisted the thought with firm resolve until the
feeling wouldn't go away. So, after a few days of "mingling," Jess
contacted me. As we talked on the phone and then started dating, both of us
knew right away that this was something special. Both of us had dated a lot
and now felt like we had found an amazing match. We don't believe in "The
One," but as we've dated and everything, we have come to realize that the
Lord took great care in getting us together. The tender mercies of the
Lord, as Elder Bednar explained in his second Conference address as an
Apostle, have been showered upon us. Our prayers have been answered in VERY
specific ways regarding what type of person we have both wanted to be sealed
to. Eternally grateful is what we are! The wedding will most likely be in
September. (We're waiting on our approval for sealing clearance from the
First Presidency.)

- Spence


Some of us don't get that lucky on the second try.

Have you ever noticed that people always find what they're looking for in the last place they look, and they stop looking for something they've lost after they've found it? Dating is like the shell game. Put a nut under four shells. Mix them up. Look under the first shell. Is it there? No. Pick another shell. Is it there? Yes! Are you going to bother looking under the other two shells? No. You've already found your nut. Some of us don't get that lucky on the second try. I've been looking for 'nuts' for 8 years and always coming up empty... until now.

July 28, 2005, I was contacted by someone without a picture. Normally I don't give it a second thought because I had an experience with someone not letting me have a picture after a long correspondence, so I don't play that game anymore. But LA was different. Something about her profile struck me as interesting. Unfortunately, I was still stuck on my last relationship, wondering what had happened to it and didn't think it fair to go into another until the first was resolved. Closure is very important. I soon had the misfortune of getting back with my former her suggestion. At first I thought it was a miraculous second chance, but it wasn't that at all. It was simply to prove why I shouldn't be with her. She was even more of the same reason we broke up the first time, and this time it was my decision. It gave me closure and proved that I didn't have to be with someone out of desperation. I could wait until I found someone who was GOOD FOR ME AND MY SON.

After this needed time of healing, I decided to look up LA again, thinking that surely someone like her was already gone. Before I could contact her, she contacted me again. I thought this couldn't be a coincidence and pretty soon we were corresponding daily. Six weeks later we had our first date. Since we both have kids, we decided to take a chance and meet with our escorts in tow. We were both too stubborn & too cautious to give our relationship much credit at first. So we went on a lot of dates right in a row, wrote daily, and talked each night on the phone. LA finally decided that nothing was going to happen. After all, I hadn't even brought her flowers yet. She thought to herself that it would sway her if I had. So she called to tell me how she felt about us and how it was going nowhere. But she just got my machine because I wasn't home that night. I was standing on her doorstep...with flowers. She decided there might be something to me after all (and prayers of the heart). And thus began our daily and nightly ritual. Her father had told her to marry the guy she couldn't live without. She finally admitted that she couldn't live without me which was a relief because I already couldn't live without her either. We got engaged at the Ogden Tabernacle and plan to return there in September 2006 to be sealed.

It is easy to become discouraged when doing this whole dating thing, but patience will reward you if you make a decision TO BE THE RIGHT PERSON and hold out for the person right for you. Patience isn't easy, but it's worth it. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Now we know what that means.

Steve & Lisa
"ANewHope & LisaA"

ANewHope & LisaA

From across the world I sent a smile.

From across the world I sent a smile to Silke in Australia. I was so surprised when she answered. Six months later she is with me in Lima, Peru and we are planning our marriage in the temple as soon as possible. We´d both like to say thank you to those others who chatted with us at various times. We´d like to say to all to give each other a chance, regardless of where you live or any other perceived barriers you might have when looking at profiles. If your love is meant to be, anything is possible! Just listen to your heart and the Spirit will guide you!

Martincito & Silke

"I Love You, Will You Marry Me?"

I met the most wonderful woman very late on a Friday night. We chatted until 4:00 AM when we decided that our fingers were getting tired. This is when I picked up the phone and called her. At 8:30, and after almost running out of battery, I asked her to spend the day with me. I was ecstatic when she said "Yes." We spent the most incredible day I have ever lived together talking and getting to know each other. I realized that I had something special as the Spirit was telling me this was right. While listening to internet radio and continuing to talk, I had the sudden inspiration to say something; I said, "I Love You, Will You Marry Me?" Bearing in mind that we had only known each other for less than 24 hours, I have never been happier in my life. You can't even imagine the thrill I experienced when she said, "Yes!" LDS Mingle introduced us to each other. We plan on being sealed in the House of the Lord as soon as we can. Thank You...


"Right person, right place, right time."

My amazing bride and I were married on July 15, 2006. We met on Mingles and dated for 18 months before being married and sealed in the Oakland Temple. "Right person, right place, right time."

Just wanted to thank Mingles for the great blessing of making it possible for us to have met. We took our time, talked about everything, unselfishly gave our kids the time they needed to adjust, and the Lord blessed us each with an incredible opportunity!

Thanks to the wonderful friends I've met through this site that have taught me and shared with me a part of them. To the rest, I highly recommend EACH WORD in Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in His timetable!

Remember, He only has three answers to our prayers, especially the really big ones: 1) Yes 2) Not yet, and 3) I've got something better.

After many challenges in life, including heartache in romance, I've learned this to be true.

May the Lord bless you with the faith to follow His promptings ...



We've been happily married ever since.

I'm happy to say that I no longer need an account on LDS Mingle, because "dopey20" and I ("PrincessHolly") were married June 28, 2006. Thank you for everything.

I first met dopey20 in March of '06. It wasn't exactly love at first instant message, but our friendship escalated over the weeks we talked. We would be on the phone for hours. The only barrier keeping us as "friends" at this time was that I'm native to Idaho while he's from Alabama. He moved to Idaho mid-April (partly for me and partly to get a job), and we were dating before I knew it. He proposed in May. It seemed so soon, but we had both prayed about it and knew it was right. We originally wanted to wed in August, but my mother suggested the end of June so that we could honeymoon in Alabama during his family's July 4th reunion. It was great to meet his family and tour his hometown.
We've been happily married ever since. Together, we're an unbeatable pair. We look forward to the eternities together.

PrincessHolly & dopey20

Thank you for giving both of us a second chance

Camron and I married June 14, 2006. We started sending smiles and IM January 22, 2006. We both agree that if we hadn't met online and gotten to know each other we wouldn't be here today. He actually became a paying member so that we could send email and send cards. Thank you for giving both of us a second chance at being happily married! What a great tool for those of us who were concerned about finding the right one in a secure environment and on our terms :)


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