Success Stories: 2006

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Who said miracles don't happen!!!!

Who said miracles don't happen!!!! Well I wrote a quote a year ago that said "You can't get swept off your feet if you are sitting down. Stand up and be noticed" Well that's not always that easy to do. But try I did and hey I even got knocked over a few times!! But the trick is to keep getting back up on your feet read another profile, IM another guy send a few smiles! Keep the faith and trust Heavenly Father knows what he's doing! And guess what? When you least expect it! (yes it even sneaked up on me and I was looking for it ALL the time!!) the man of my dreams, my soul mate, my best friend, my mate for life! Just came out of no where and swept me off my feet!! (Yes Literally!!!!)And now 8 weeks later I am married and as happy as a pig in mud!! Wondering how on earth that all just happened WOW when Heavenly Father gets it right he gets it right!!! So congratulations are in demand for Me (ClaireMaree) and Karlos! A match truly made in Heaven! Thankyou LDSMingle for providing the way, a real miracle has happened! Cheers from Aus! ClaireMaree (a former lifetime member!!)


Thanks to you, we were able to find each other and make an e

Hi Sarah and crew....This is "sunflowers" and "Petey007". We just wanted to send you some of our wedding pics and let you know how thankful we are for your wonderful site. We were sealed for time and eternity in the Billings, MT temple on July 29th, 2006. Thanks to you, we were able to find each other and make an eternal connection. We have told many of our single friends about your site and will continue to do so. Thanks again and we want to wish all of our mingle friends best wishes and good luck in finding their companions. Don't give up!!!

Sunflowers and Petey007

This is our story....

Petey007 and I ( sunflowers) met in mid November of 2005 at LDS Mingle. I was working the late shift at the hotel and just checking email etc on my computer. I logged into the mingle website to see who might be in chat at 2 in the morning. I was there for about a half hour and was just getting ready to leave when Petey007 sent me and IM. I accepted the IM and we visited for about an hour before he said he needed to go. However, he was bold enough to ask for my phone number before he left. I had never given out my number so quickly before. But after talking to him, viewing his profile etc I felt it would be ok. I gave him my cell number. He called me the next evening and we talked for about five hours!!! We had so much in common from both being in the field of education to our love for animals etc. I had talked to other people on Mingle before, but never had I made such a strong connection in such a short time. We continued on emailing, talking on Mingle and via our cell phones. We knew we simply had to meet. The funny thing is, he is from San Diego and I am from Powell, WY. I had just moved home from Las Vegas a few months prior to meeting him. For two years I lived only 6 hours away. Then we meet and I am now almost 23 hours away. Oy, we were both thinking what the heck. Anyway we just knew we had to meet. So in February he flew up here and spent about a week and we had the most wonderful time. Before he left he gave me a promise ring. We simply knew it was meant to be. After spending so much time on the phone together and then finally meeting face to face, there was no doubt. We had finally found our match. He flew home and we continued to date via cell phone. Communication is one of our many strong points. Then in April he flew up here again and officially proposed. He proposed right in front of everyone at the baggage claim in the Billings, MT airport! I knew he was coming up here to propose, I just didn't know when. We then had the task of planning a wedding that involved family from coast to coast. Finally on July 29th, 2006 we were sealed in the Billings,MT temple. All of this was made possible by your wonderful site. If I hadn't logged in to chat with some friends and if he hadn't logged in just to kill some time we would have never met. Thank you so much for providing such a great site. We now live in Powell, WY where we plan to stay as educators for a long time. Thank you again LDS Mingle! We can be reached at We are firm believers in on-line dating sites and how they can connect people even thousands of miles apart. Thanks again and best wishes to our mingle friends who are still looking.

Sunflowers and Petey007

I would have never met the love of my life.

Hello, mingle world. I just wanted to announce that me and hbcarrat (who is no longer a member of ldsmingle) are engaged! We will be married on September 8 in the Los Angeles Temple! Thank you ldsmingle. Without you I would have never met the love of my life. We sent emails for one night, talked the same night, met the next day and that same night decided to become exclusive. He proposed near Valentines Day. We met on Sept. 11 05 and now just a year and a bit later we will be married. Good luck to all of you. Don't lose hope. Be hopefull romantics and eventually you will find who you are looking for. Love you all. _ParaguayanBelle

**Updated 9/26/06**
Me and Hbcarrat, who already deleted his profile, for me :) met online here on
Sep. 11 of 2005. We decided to meet the next day and that week we became exclusive. We dated for months and a couple days before Valentines in 2006 he popped the question. We were married on Sep. 8 in the Los Angeles Temple and I am so thankful to ldsmingle for helping me find my eternal companion for I never would have found him otherwise. Thank you so much. To those of you out there, become hopeful romantics and you will find the person you are looking for, you just have to look hard enough. Best of luck to all of you.

ParaguayanBelle & hbcarrat

We were married on June, 2006

I am a woman of few words! or let's just say I am reserved. I don't have any problem with my communication skills though, it just that I don't talk a lot.

My friend intoduced LDSMingle, I immediately subscribed ( with the help of my brother ) with the main purpose of improving my skill in English by interacting with the english speakers. But the mingle did more than that, It served as a gateway in meeting different people from accross the globe and gaining new friends.

After few months I did gain friends and most of them told me that they want to visit my place. Meeting those friends of course is very hard to do since I live many many miles away.

Allen was one of them who told me that one day he will visit the Philippines. Many times I did asked him if he will really come knowing the fact that I live thousands of miles away. Surprisingly he did come. Getting along with him wasn't hard. I felt very comfortable and safe with him because I came to know him at the website with high standards.

For few days of being together, I have fallen for him and when he went home to the United States I did miss him. He came back in May and we were married on June, 2006. In a little less than two months, quite a short time but enough to know and feel that I love him so much and to decide to accept his proposal and marry him.

He will be moving to the Philippines very soon so we can share our lives together and help each other towards our journey to go back to Heavenly Father.

No amount of thank you's can ever express my gratitude towards LDSMingle for being the bridge that connected me to my Husband Allen ( Choosintbehappy ).

Thank you so much LDS Mingle for providing this site to meet new friends and special someone.


Fely ( Grade2004 )

His Story:
I joined Mingle before I was ready to be in a relationship because it was only costing $60 for lifetime, and I figured it would be better to grab the bargain . . . and a bargain it turned out to be. In late 2005 I realized I had things left to do in this life and it would be good to be married. Still I wasn't expecting anything serious developing in the next year, but was prepared to be open to that option sometime in the future.

I had not taken vacations of more than long weekends for over three years and had been planning on taking some time off work in 2006. Having gotten my first passport the year before, I had plans to travel to several destinations during the next year, including Brazil, Peru, and Philippines, etc. While I knew sisters from mingle in these locations, I didn't expect to find a connection with someone from a different country and culture. I knew many lovely sisters, including a few from Mingle from the U.S., most from my geographic area. While some became friends, and a few very good friends, I hadn't felt a connection beyond that. So I figured the chance of that happening with someone from a different country, culture, educational system, and often with a different first language would be very unlikely.

My first overseas trip was to Philippines in March and April where I visited Cebu and Bohol in addition to the main island. My friends in Manila and the staff in my hotel told me I shouldn't go to Abra Province, ten hours north by bus. Fortunately I listened to a stronger but quieter voice and went. I spent six days, left for a week, and then returned for another five days before returning to the U.S., having lost my desire for travel to Peru or Brazil at lest as a single person.

After returning to the U.S. (**this is the very short version) I realized I had left my heart in the Abra Province of the Philippines. My doctor told me that my health would be seriously affected if I stayed seperated from my heart for very long. Deciding to follow my doctor's advice, I returned to Philippines in May and married the lovely District Young Women's President in June. She had been taking wonderful care of my heart in my absence.

Any question of whether to live in the U.S. or Philippines was quickly resolved when I found out the custom in the Philippines is to follow marriage with a three year honeymoon. So as soon as my affairs are in order (before the end of 2006) I will be moving to the Philippines for at least three years.

Heavenly Father truely does want to bless us beyond our ablility to comprehend. Keep your covanants, hold to the "iron rod" and keep Mingleing.

Namaste, Allen (Choosintbehappy) & Fely

**UPDATED July 29th, 2006**
I am so grateful to Sara and the Mingle staff for the service they provide. Without it (and direction from the Spirit) I would not have met Fely. I have never been so happy and have been reminded, more powerfully than before, that "man is that he might have joy." I'm also reminded that when we are living right, we usually don't need to rush around trying to make things happen, that if we do what we need to, what we need will be provided.

I am completing arrangement to move to Bangued, Abra in the Philippines before November. Americans require a permit that is difficult to obtain, to work in the Philippines. Fortunately, farming and singing are exempt occupations. We were planning on raising pigs, goats, and caribou (waterbuffalo) on our farm. We had found that we both love to sing and made a couple of single CD's that have become very popular since I left the Philippines. So it looks like we'll have to hire a caretaker for our farm if our singing career develops.

Prepare yourselves for what you want, and don't give up. It only takes one contact, when it is the right one.

Wishing you Peace, Love, & Light,

Allen (Choosintbehappy) & Fely (Grade2004)

grade2004 & Choosintbehappy

We are so excited to be together.

Hello Sara. Just wanted to tell you a short success story about 2 people on your web site.

On April 7, 2006, Debz13 and ksualum met on your web site. I (ksualum) sent an instant message to her and she almost immediately answered. We each just wanted to chat with someone since other relationships were not going as well as either of us would have liked. We wrote for 5 hours that night. Then the next day, we spoke on the phone for 5 hours. So we decided to keep in close contact and be friends. We spoke on the phone and web cam over 4 months for hundreds of hours, never missing a single day. Our relationship grew and changed to love as we learned more and more about each other. We finally met in person on July 29th. She leaves back for Scotland tomorrow (August 10). We have become very close and decided to get engaged while she was here. We picked out a ring together and went to a nice restaurant where I proposed and she accepted on August 7, 2006. The attached pictures were from that night in the restaurant. We have not set a date for the marriage yet, but we are planning to be married before the end of this year. She is planning to move to the US and start a new life together with me here.

We are so excited to be together. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your site. Without this technology, we would never have met since we live so far apart. We will each be removing our profiles but wanted to thank you for helping us to meet. You have a nice website and it has been truly a pleasure to be part of it.

Kindest regards,
Chris Masterson and Debra Butler

**UPDATED May 12th, 2007**
Just a quick follow-up about our recent marriage.
Debra received her Fiancee Visa and arrived in the United States on April 18th, 2007. We were married on May 1st at the Flamingo Hotel Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy to finally be together. We would never have met if it had not been for the LDS Mingle Web site. Thanks
for your wonderful help in meeting and we pray that others will find the same happiness that we have found. Best wishes to all of our friends that we have met on your web site and we hope that they all find that special someone that will make each of them happy.

kindest regards,
Debra (Debz13) & Chris (ksualum

ksualum & Debz13

We feel we have found our soulmate in each other

This site can really work- but only if you are 100% honest from the start. We met on LDS Mingle in October 2004 & were married 6 months later. We were sealed a year later (for those of you awaiting sealing clearance, don't give up!) We feel we have found our soulmate in each other & are very grateful to have found one another AT LAST! Our advice to you all is BE HONEST, BE HONEST, BE HONEST! That is the only way it will work online. Also, meet in the flesh asap so you don't get the fantasy too built up in your mind about each other before you even meet for the first time. Good luck to you all & may you be serious in your quest for finding your eternal companions!

marhaba & pavoblanco

We are very happy and crazy in love

I'm from France and my fiance is from USA, he was in the military based in South Korea.We chat, talk on the phone for few month and then we finally met in US.We are getting married next month septembre 2006. We are very happy and crazy in love. Thanks to ldsmingle without you, we would probably never met.Everything is possible we are a good example.


He did not meet my ideal match but won me over with his kind

I met the love of my life on LDS mingle after 2 years of membership and more than a handful of dates. Which goes to show you have to really search to find your prince. The funny thing is he did not meet my ideal match but won me over with his kindness and tenderness. It took him over 2 months of constant IM and phone conversations to get me to agree to a date, and when I finally went I fell instantly in love. Thankyou LDS Mingle. Autumn ( aka Katt26)


True Love DOES Happen! Just let it!

Thanks LDSMINGLE!! Who knew that you can find the one you're meant to be with online!! I sure didn't think I would! At first I was just on here to pass the time but around March or April I sent a smile to Adam12 (who became the love of my life). I never knew that when I sent it that I would be marrying him, or even meeting him for that matter! We started talking whenever we were on at the same time. I had a month membership and I believe he had a lifetime one. So we would IM each other. But in May after coming home for the summer from school I decided that maybe I should try this job adventure with a college friend. I went out to California moved into the apartment and did the job for one day. I got the worse feeling from being there in California so I came back home without a job or any money from that adventure. That night that I came home, Adam IMed me. And thank goodness cause I missed talking to him and I couldn't IM him since I didn't have a membership anymore and I really wanted to talk. From that day on we talked every night, except for ONE night since. Then I finally got him out of his shell and we talked on the phone. Later that month we decided to meet. My dad, being the loving dad that he is, had to make sure that Adam was who he says he is. I believed him but Dad wasn't too sure. Adam gave him his bishop's number and my dad talked to him. I recommend that to everyone so that you can make sure that the person you want to meet is who they say they are. Anywho, we finally met and that day we knew that we wanted to spend eternity together and he promised to give me a "fun eternity" (which was my name on here). That was our first kiss as well. We have been happy ever since. On July 7th 2006 Adam12 proposed to me in front of the Salt Lake Temple!! The most perfect night.. and we are planning to get married for Time and ALL Eternity on November 11th in the St. George Temple!! Don't think that you can't find love on here! Because obviously its possible! True Love DOES Happen! Just let it!

Thanks again LDSMINGLE! We will forever be grateful for this website! :)

Funeternity and Adam12

funeternity & Adam12

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