Success Stories: 2006

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Someone that I love and adore.

Ours is a story of being tremendously blessed as well as being in the right place at the right time… a story that couldn’t have happened any sooner, having happened in the Lord’s time.

I had been using service for about three months, having met some very wonderful ladies during that time.

Having found my profile, I was contacted by my future fiancé (Bestluv) via email on LDS Mingle the very first day that she signed up for the service. She made some comments about my profile in such a way that she was open and herself. Her comments were intriguing enough to me that I was willing to write back, despite the fact that she lived more than 1,000 miles away. That openness and honesty continued in our correspondence until we eventually talked on the phone and then met in person.

One of the many things that endeared her to me was her undeviating and fully committed love for and relationship with the Savior and our Father in Heaven, and her commitment to the Church and her family. She knew what she wanted and was looking for in a potential partner and relationship, and was unwilling to settle for anything less.

I realize that it may be a cliché and anticlimactic to say it but both of us can see that there were higher forces that came into play far beyond our own futile efforts to find a potential mate. Timing and location were right for both of us. If either one of us had made a wish list of what we wanted or desired in a potential partner, those lists would have come up short compared to what we were blessed with. has been a great conduit for meeting and getting to know other potential partners. I couldn’t be happier with the services that are offered and those I have received. It was successful in bringing us together, someone that I love and adore and look forward to spending eternity with.

daddinessmonster & Bestluv

We hit it off immediately.

I had just about given up on finding anyone online that would be worth my time. I came across Angela's profile, but she wasn't online, so I added her to my favorites list. I saw her online a few times, but it was a couple weeks before I got the gumption to write.
We hit it off immediately and after a week, we decided to meet. We set a date for the next tuesday to go out to dinner. On the Thursday before our planned date, she told me that she had forgotten about a concert that she had tickets for. I was disappointed, because I thought we were going to have reschedule... not the case, she asked if I would join her.
I didn't think a concert would be a good choice as a first date, so I asked if we could meet before. She agreed, and it turns out, that night was free for both of us. It has been incredible ever since. She has met most of my family and they adore her and her family all approve of me... Not that any of that matters, I love her and I am hoping for all this to continue.
Good luck to all those that are looking for someone to add to their life, just remember... look for a friend first, what will follow will come. Let it happen.
Nathan and Angela


Mingles was a great place to find very nice people.

Comp_tech sent me a Mother's Day card online in 2005. We talked and started dating later that month. I was pretty new to the dating game, so I told him I needed to keep dating and checking out my options. Mingles was a great place to find very nice people. After dating around I decided he was my best match and we are marrying in Dec. Thank you Mingles for getting us together.

esemielee & Comp_tech

I proposed to her.

I met CTRGIRL3 as a perfect match of 100% in February. There was a SA Conference in her state and I went but, to my suprise, her birthday was that month and she was visiting her daughter and grandchildren in Utah. Another SA Conference was scheduled in April and we exchanged emails, cards, and spoke on the phone and agreed to meet there. 7 to 10 days before the conference it was cancelled and I still went down to meet this amazing lady. Our first date was to the Temple where together we sealed my mothers, fathers family together. 42 Sealings that day and an endowment session. That was April 27, 2006 and on Tuesday the following week before going home, she invited me back over for supper. She's an awesome cook and we went bowling and she kicked my highnee, and we had a great time. From that week on we talked daily, exchanged emails, and got together monthly and attended the Temple as soon as we got off the plane. I proposed to her in the NC Raleigh Temple on July 19th, she didn't say no but that it was too soon. On Friday, August 25th in the Orlando Temple she ask me to ask her again, and this time she said yes. Her daughter will be home from her mission in Mesa, AZ November 21 and we will be Sealed for Time and all Eternity on December 9th. Keep the faith, pray always, attend the Temple regularly and Heavenly Father can and will bless each of us with that special someone in our lives. I know he did me.


Thank you mingle for bringing us together

I am jfecolo and I met the most beautiful,talented,awesome lady in the world "cheetolover". We got engaged on 9/28/2006. We plan to wed near the end of the year or first of next! Thank you mingle for bringing us together. I owe you for the happiness you have brougth both of us!!

jfecolo & cheetolover

We couldn't be happier.

What can I say - we met on LDSmingle. I had been using another site but, without success in meeting someone I could relate with. A friend told me about LDSmingle and I signed up as a final attempt to meet "the one" in this online thing.
Sure enough, I signed up on a Tuesday and met "the one" on Thursday. Less than 100 days later we were married and have since had our first child, a beautiful daughter, and now are expecting our second - gender unknown. Sounds like the typical LDS family huh?
Thanks for helping us find one another. We couldn't be happier.


He is so wonderful!

My fiance and I met online in January of this year. We wrote back and forth through email and instant messenger for a few months and got to know each other really well and became great friends. In May, he asked me if he could call me. Of corse I said YES!! He called me and we got to know each other on a completely different level. He decided he wanted to come see me so he drove up from Utah at the end of June and we spent about a week together up here in Seattle. Then I rode back to Utah with him and we spent about a week together down there. Everything went perfect! He is amazing! We have been back and forth to see each other numerous times and just recently decided to get married in April when he graduates. I am moving down there in December, so the long distance relationship will be close distance soon. He is so wonderful! He is everything I could ever want in a husband and I am so thankful that we have found each other! Thanks LDSmingle!
-Seattlegirl21 & Mixmasterp24

His story:
Yeah, I was just randomly checking profiles of hotties, and oh . . . I found one! I said, wow, she's hot. I should email her. So I did, and she said she had a boyfriend and we could be friends. And I thought to myself, well that's cool, I dunno about this friends stuff cuz she really gorgeous and I dunno, I'd get jealous and stuff. So I sent an email back saying, yeah thats cool we can friends. But then I didn't email her again until 5 months later and she said hey I 'member . . . kinda what do you look like and so we swapped pictures and I talked to her on msn and then text message and then I called her on the phone for 6 hours and we have talked on the phone all the time since then. I went to meet her at a grocery store parking lot and she was gorgeous. I said I would like to marry you. And she said, don't think so fly boy, we need to date just a lil bit. So we did for 8 months, then we're gunna get married in da temple bc I love her. amen

seattlegirl21 & Mixmasterp24

I knew I wanted to see him again and again and again.

It was just a year ago (Sept 2005) that Powderman and I met here online. We im'd for awhile and he suggested we get together. I, however, was hesitant to agree. But, he seemed fun enough so I gave him a quiz to see if he was date worthy (he had to remember everything I had told him that night). He failed miserably but he took the teasing and game playing with ease. So I consented. We met a few days later for our first date. Immediately I was glad I had agreed. This guy was different(in a good way HA!) and SO ATTRACTIVE! I knew I wanted to see him again and again and again. I got my wish. We continued to see each other several times a week. We were inseparable. We had a lot of fun and he treated me so well. I knew I had found "the one". Right before Thanksgiving 2005 we got engaged! Because we had only known each other a short while we decided to have a nice long engagement (6 1/2 months!) I am so glad we did. We had a great time dating and getting to know each other. It seemed like forever before we would marry but FINALLY in June 2006 we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a great day! THANKS LDS MINGLES for providing a way for us to meet!

Bananaz & Powderman

Something about her just touched me.

I started talking with mom2three (Carla) one night after seeing her beautiful eyes and wonderful smile on her profile. Something about her just touched me. As I talked to her more and more I was impressed by her love, compassion and caring. We made arrangements to meet a few weeks later and have been inseparable ever since. We are now engaged and will be getting married within a month or so. Thanks LDS Mingle for helping an Arizona man find his Utah girl.

Her story:
Thank you LDSMingle. I have found the man I've been waiting for. Edward and I started talking late one night and hit it off immediately. We arranged to meet a few weeks later and have been inseparable ever since. We will be getting married within a few months. Thanks again!

robert_gmez & mom2three

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