Success Stories: 2006

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We met and then we were inseperable.

I check my emails and the one that comes across that tells you someone thinks you'd click. Well I had him click yes, and I clicked yes. Plus he'd sent me a email. We emailed back and forth a few time. Did some IM a few time and then we'd ended up talking on the phone for seven hours. (it was at night). We met and then we were inseperable. We just got married two weeks ago.


We knew we needed to meet each other.

I joined LDS mingle in May of 2006, after the site was recommended by a friend. I was rather reluctant to join at first as I didn't think I would enjoy talking to anyone on a computer. However I had a good response and started to make and meet a lot of good friends. One of the first responses I received was from a man called Mark in Las Vegas. We casually sent cards to each other up until August of this year, maybe one or two cards a week but I never thought too much about it as I lived in England and thought the distance would be too much of a problem. During August we had a few on line conversations that by the end of August had turned into daily chats for about an hour, as soon as he got up on a morning. These chats then turned into telephone conversations, the first lasting 10 minutes, the second half an hour and the third 9 hours, then daily for at least three hours a day until October. By this stage we knew we needed to meet each other. The most fascinating part of this story is the following. I visit friends in Queen Creek, Arizona every October and during our visit they always take me and my 2 boys to Disney Land. This year they had said that they would not be taking us to Disney Land but were in fact going to suprise us and take us somewhere different. They had, totally unbeknown to me planned to bring us to Las Vegas. This of course meant we were able to meet, which we did on the 9th October, and after spending 4 days together Mark proposed to me in the Celestial Room of the las Vegas Temple. It felt so right even though we had only been physically together for 4 days. I accepted and we were married 26th October and will be sealed in the Las Vegas Temple as soon as the relevant paper work is processed. I know Heavenly Father was instrumental in bringing us together but that could only have happenend through Mingle. Thank you so much, I have read so many success stories but never imagined that I would be writing my own after only 6 months.


My heart skipped a beat.

I "koaheart" have been on Mingle on and off for over a year and a half. Since I live in the eastern part of the US my matches were few and far between. On October 19, 2006 a still, small voice told me to check and see if I had any smiles, cards or etc. Nothing really struck my fancy so I decided to see who was on line. On the first page was "freeman1958". When I read his profile my heart skipped a beat. I sent him a card and within a few minutes he responded with one back. We messaged each other for the next couple of days and by the weekend he called me. We cried together when we talked and shared our past and what we wanted out of the future. We have been e-mailing each other at least 3-4 times a day. He has told me that 168 girls had viewed him and that he did not respond to any of them except me. I guess it was love at first sight and he did not even have a picture posted. I knew that day that he already captured a piece of my heart. I have made plans to visit him during the week of Thanksgiving. He and I already know that it was meant to be for us to meet on line that day. He has asked me for my ring size and we both know that we are going to be husband and wife and be sealed for time and all eternity. Thanks to Sara and LDS Mingle for allowing our dream to come true. Prayers do get answered, sometimes when we least expect them.

**UPDATED 10/12/06**
Freeman1958 and I (koaheart) are getting married November 22, 2006 on a 20,000 acre ranch where he is a chef. Dryhead Ranch in Montana. It will be 1 month and 3 days from the date that we first met on line. Marc and I knew from the very first phone conversation that we were going to be husband and wife. During the first phone call Marc told me that he was going to marry me and that I was going to be his wife. We cried together and we both knew that it was meant to be. It was true fate that we met each other on line October 19, 2006 and we do believe that fate is a product of faith. Marc is moving to the east coast and our plans are to be sealed within a year. This site made it all possible for Marc and I to have joy, happiness, love and faith in our lives once again. Thank-you Sara.

**Updated Dec 18th, 2006**
Marc (freeman_1958) and I (koaheart1956) did get married November 22, 2006 at the Dryhead Ranch in Montana. It was a small and simple wedding but full of emotion. We have told our story to our friends, family members, co-workers and church members and they all tell us that our story is so remarkable and un-believable. It was love a first sight when I arrived at the airport in Billings, MT. This was the first time that I met Marc in person. He presented me with a bouquet of roses and then kneeled down and asked me to be his wife. I cried and said "yes, yes, yes." Our goal is be sealed next year on the same day as our earthly marriage but a year later. Thanks again LDSMingle.

koaheart & freeman1958

We've never been so happy in all our lives.

I met a man who is my perfect match in every way. We had each only been members to this site for a couple of weeks when we started emailing each other. We just got married and I could have never found this wonderful person without the help of LDS Mingles. We both feel so much gratitude to this website. We've never been so happy in all our lives. Thank You LDS Mingles!


We are so in love with each other.

Sarah.... I just want to thank you for the opportunity for me to meet the most wonderful guy ever. We have currently been going out for three months. We are so in love with each other, although we have not currently met. We plan to in December (he is coming to GA from CA) for christmas. Being able to bond and have a special connection is so important and makes a relationship easier. You really get to know someone before you meet them. Our bond is so strong and it will be hard to break. And when we meet it will become even stronger. Thank you again _Brittney_ (aka alienchic1)


We're still as happy as clams!

I thought I'd wait awhile before I reported back with a success story -- since we're all painfully aware of the revolving door associated with the single's world. I thought it important too, that I measure this when the ga-ga phase of marriage cooled a bit -- the one that researchers claim occurs in the amount of time it would take for a first child to pass through infancy -- or basically about two years.

OK then. We're there! :-) And we're still as happy as clams! I'd like to thank LDSMingle then for giving me the opportunity to meet my truly wonderful husband, whom I would have never met otherwise -- barring some extraordinarily improbable miracle.

What I particularly liked here was the personality compatibility feature. Maybe the Color Code seems to totally smack of pop-psych but it is nevertheless an excellent tool. My husband and I are a highly compatible mix of blue (him) and yellow (me). To this day we are both waiting for some hidden horrible attribute to surface from the other because our marriage seems way too easy! We were both formerly married to spouses who were extremely difficult to gel with, at least from our respective ways of approaching life. Yet both of our former spouses were good people who could be the easily appreciated companions of others. We were committed to the long-haul for all the right reasons -- and it was a long, hard road.

We know from the gospel that core differences can be overcome with patience and longsuffering. And the "opposition in all things" principle means that all of us here have seen growth that would otherwise have not occurred. But the thing is: long-suffering requires a lot of suffering! What I discovered as a result of the color code is that basic compatibility goes a long way in preventing the need for constant practice in the ways of patience, tolerance, and nobility. I don't even feel like I'm working at this!

Just like it's always saying in the Ensign, home can be a place of refuge instead of ground zero. Instead of being something to escape from, marriage can be that peaceful place that we want to retreat to.

To those presently searching for that I would say: Take responsibility for any contributions to former marital breakdown -- and continue to examine and learn from those mistakes. And then, hold out for a companion who is, at the core of his/her being, a harmonious blend with your true self. This may take a long time. Often those lists we make of required traits in a spouse describe people who are not found in nature – with the best traits of very different types of people, but none of the flaws! My husband and I have both stated how curious it has been to discover, that paired with a more harmonious individual, the other’s flaws are mostly just mildly amusing. :-)

Thanks for letting me discover that marriage can be a joy – in this lifetime – not just in some far-off perfected celestial future. Wow!

Inconceivable and IznBoyz

inconceivable & IznBoyz

Love and friendship is all that matters.

I met an amazing person here that I never thought was possible but it turned out to true; although we have been talking online for near on 2.5 months. We have become good friends, almost to say that when we meet next spring. One Romeo will be popping the big question (He Hopes).

We have talked many times on the phone and shared countless stories with each other. Our personalities have made so much impact that we just knew how it felt and how much of a friendship we had formed. We knew that the next step was to become more than friends. Living in two different countries was not a problem. When you come to know some one that does not even come into the equation. Love and friendship is all that matters.

I have met so many good people on here. I know that anyone as a hopeless romantic as I was to meet some one on LDSmingle. I know it works for sure.

I know I have met my companion on here and I know this site works. I have a testamony of LDSmingle. I know that the Lord had plans for me to meet some in on here, I know that I have.
Lucky_duck and amphrite

lucky_duck & amphrite

Give it a shot

Well, I have always been very skeptical about using online dating services, even though my brother met his wife through LDS Mingle. However, a series of events led me to "give it a shot", because I figured I could get a date or two out of it perhaps.
Sarah, my fiance, stumbled across this website by accident while looking for information about suggestions for Activity Days activities. Though we have tried since then to duplicate that search result, none have produced LDS Mingle on them again. This isn't a coincidence though, certainly not.
The day after Sarah got online (and 4 days after I had opened my account) we met. She sent me a smile and from there we never went a day without IMing on here as well as MSN Messenger before talking on the phone, burning through hundreds of minutes on phone cards due to the international border seperating us (she's a Canadian).
Finally we met in person and fell in love within days. I just proposed to her on the 8th of October and we will be married in June in the Seattle Temple. I really appreciate the service you guys provide and I have told many of my friends about you. Thanks again!
Kevin & Sarah


See online dating does work!!!!!

In October of 2005 I decided to send him a smile. At the time he was in Salt Lake I was in Cedar City. So we chatted for about 2 weeks then I decided to drive up so we could go on a date. He took me to Red Butte Gardens (we are having our reception there ) and then to the Blue Plate Dinner. After that I drove up 6 other times then moved back to salt lake. We got engaged in June and are getting married on November 3 in the Salt Lake City Temple. See online dating does work!!!!!


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