Success Stories: 2006

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The next thing you know we were engaged

We met online at first. We did that and emailed each other for awhile. Then we decided to talk to each other over the phone for a couple of months. We then thought it would be nice to actually meet in person. So we set up a time to meet at the mall and hang out together. When we did that I was not ready for a serious relationship. I was just looking for a friend. We kept on talking and doing things together. And after a blessing for me, I got the impression that I was to follow my heart and that is what I was to do. When that was said the first person that came to my mind was "Princess_Tiffani". So we started dating and hanging out even more and took things nice and slow. The next thing you know we were engaged on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We are planning on getting married on May 20th of 2006. Thanks for having this site open so that I could meet my future wife and other good friends.

Edwin_25 & Princess_Tiffani

I am so grateful for LDS Mingle

I am so grateful for LDS Mingle. Without this website, I wouldn't have met the man that I have been waiting for all my life. "Aries79" invited me to chat with him, and I did. It was during the time that I had just gotten my tonsils out. So, I was feeling kind of crummy. I needed someone to talk to and make me laugh, so I accepted and we started chatting. It was an instant click - he made me laugh so much. A month later he asked me for my phone number. I was so nervous to talk to him for the first time, but we had such a good time talking on the phone. The very first time that I heard his voice, I felt like I knew him for the longest time. It just felt really comfortable. Now, almost four months into the relationship we are planning to get married. He's coming down to talk to my parents. I couldn't be happier. I know that there is nobody else for me, but "Aries79". Thank you so much LDS Mingle - keep up the good work!

**UPDATED Jan 24th, 2007**
Well I was aladdins_princess on LDS Mingle and my husband was Aries79. We decided to get married when he came to visit me for the first time in El Paso, TX. So then on the first of July my family and I (my family decided to move to Atlanta) drove all the way from El Paso TX to Atlanta GA. Now that's love huh?....he he he!!! It took us 32 hours with rest in between of course. It was such a long drive. So when we got there my parents and I got settled in the apartment. We had a week and a half to finish the last minute touches on the details of the reception. On the 15th of July at 9 am Jaime and I were in the temple. It was a wonderful feeling being there in the temple. We know that we made the right decision in marrying in the temple. We went to the reception hall and there was about 70 guests waiting for us. I was a white theme with was beautiful!! We danced to our song Franky Valley "You're Just Too Good To Be True"! It was the most beautiful day of our lives. We have been married for six months and we are so happy. We thank LDS Mingle so much...if it wasn't for that website we wouldn't have met!!!


Jaime and Jazmin

aladdins_princess & Aries79

We both clicked YES

"Sharpecl" and I began writing, then talking on the phone. We then decided it was time to meet. He drove from Georgia to Utah. We immediately hit it off and a few days trip will turn into forever on May 27th! We both clicked YES and amazing things happened! Thanks LDSMingle!

Angel6 & Sharpecl

We had the most amazing wedding

We are sending you these little notes to inform you of our happy decision and to let you know how awesome it was to meet on your site.

From Falconer:
Thank you L.D.S. Mingle! And thank you to all the wonderful individuals I had the opportunity to correspond with and those that I met and formed friendships with through this site. My only regret is not getting back to the site earlier to inform everyone of the lovely lady I met on L.D.S. Mingle, grew in love with and married. Life is great! Enclosed are a piture of our wedding and one of our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Thanks again and may the Lord bless each of you.

From Dancin Happy:
We had the most amazing wedding and would like to send you a photo. My grandson was the ring bearer and my grandddaughters were the flower girls. "Falconer" was in full military dress and the day was perfect. Everyday we marvel at how lucky we are to be together and it happened because of us meeting on your site. Thank you.

Dancinhappy & Falconer

We met at a barbecue in Salt Lake City

After talking with "Funksoul" in chat a few times and then exchanging a few emails and phone calls, we met at a barbecue in Salt Lake City over General Conference weekend last October. The minute he walked through the door, it was as if something special connected us together and I felt as if I should get to know him better. Friends at the barbecue saw how much time we were spending together and said, "Funksoul and Soulsketcher. . . wouldn't it be funny if you two were 'soulmates'?" ;) We've talked every day since. Despite the long distance (I've been in Idaho and he's in New Mexico), we've made visits and phone calls a priority so that we could court one another. We've made the gospel a priority in our relationship and that's made all the difference. My sons and I are moving to New Mexico so that we can prepare for our upcoming temple marriage. What a wonderful blessing he is in our lives! Truly, the Lord keeps His every promise if we are faithful to Him. I have met the love of my life and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for introducing me to my "soulmate". ;) Best wishes to all!

Soulsketcher & Funksoul

We are planning on getting married on June 16th

Alan and I met on LDS Mingle on Oct. 25th. We had a great conversation and exchanged phone numbers. That night we talked from 7:30pm until 12:30am and we couldn't believe we were on the phone for five hours! We decided to meet the next day and had our first date at Starbucks and then later went to a park to talk. It was love at first sight and we haven't been apart since. We are planning on getting married on June 16th and we want to thank LDS Mingle, if it wasn't for this site we may of never met!

GinaBean & bub_s

Life is so much better

My user name was "Highwayman" and my girlfriend was "Mrutter". It's kinda funny how this worked out. Since I've never done the online dating thing, I was somewhat skeptical. My cousin actually persuaded me to join the site. I was not dating anyone so I decided "why not?"

After I joined the site, I did not post my photo with my profile. "Mrutter" saw my profile and she thought we would click. I saw hers and felt the same way. After exchanging e-mails and photos, we decided to take the next step and talk on the phone. It seemed that we could just spend the whole night talking, it was nice.

We decided to go out on a date. Our first date together went very well. We had lunch and spent the day hanging out in Memphis. The funny thing is, it did not feel like a first date at all. It felt like I spent the day with my best friend. I never felt this way before, so I knew that this was answer to prayer. "Mrutter" and I have grown very close in our time together and the future looks good. I would like to thank you for helping to bring us together. Life is so much better when we find our soulmate. I have found mine, she has found hers and I hope that all other LDS singles fine theres as well.

Highwayman & Mrutter

We are getting married April 8th

"Vogon" and I met here last August. He happened to see my profile while seeing who was online. He decided to contact me. We continued to chat and about a week later he decided I was right for him. It took me awhile longer to realize it, but I did. I went to South Africa in November and we became officially engaged. We are getting married April 8th in the Jordan River Temple and couldn't be happier. We never would have met if it hadn't been for LDSMingle.

bluekitty & vogon

Good luck guys with your cheesy pick up lines!!!!

My husband sent me one of your cheesy pick up lines and I fell for it!! We met on ldsmingle on Oct. 12, were engaged by Nov. 19 and just married on Dec. 19. of this year 2005. Yes, all in 2 months and one week!!! We are so happy and we knew when we met that we had met our soulmate. So we wish everybody the same luck we did with finding there special someone! Good luck guys with your cheesy pick up lines!!!!


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