Success Stories: 2006

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I am so glad to have this girl in my life

Well what can I say? I got an email from LDS Mingle 5 weeks ago, and I came on to check out what they were emailing me for, as I couldn't remember even putting my profile on here. When I came online it said did I want to take my personality profile test, which I did and came out as a blue. LDS mingle then showed me some potential good matches. And, one really caught my eye, "Amiebonita". So, I sent her a wink. We started talking online then later the same evening we started talking on the phone. Straight away I felt something special between us and over the next 5 weeks we spoke everyday on the phone and sent each other over 2000 text messages. 4 Days ago I flew over from England to Salt Lake City to meet her, and as soon as I saw her in the airport I knew I wanted to marry "Amiebonita". It felt like we had never been apart and that we were just meeting up again after being apart for a space of time. Yesterday I asked her to marry me and without hesitation and through tears she said yes. We are getting sealed for time and all eternity on the 9 September 2006. I am so glad to have this girl in my life, and I love her with all my heart.

Mattydrac & Amiebonita

I was about to hit my 35th birthday

I was about to hit my 35th birthday and had told others that if I wasn't remarried by then, after being divorced for 8 years, that I had given up. I have a busy life raising my two children, working three jobs and going to college full time so I decided that it was best to just pack it up and take my profile down. I live in New England so there are very few LDS people here. I logged on to take my profile down and saw that "Knowledgenofear" had looked at me and I thought, "finally, someone cute!" But, then I saw he lived in AL and thought, "What the heck was I going to do with an AL boy!!" LOL!

I tried to exit LDS Mingle and my computer froze!!! This is where higher intervention takes place. My feelings at this point of giving up were what was the point of having an empty conversation to tease each other of who should visit who and see if there were any likes or interests in common just to have another possibility go no where. However, the only link that would work on my (ahem) "darling" computer was the one to send him an IM. So, I did. I sent him my email address and then the next day we hooked up on that messenger service and after IMing for about 15 mins., I got the STRONGEST prompting EVER to get his digits! So, I asked him for them, got them, and then he asked as I had entered them in my phone, how long till I would call, so I hit talk. He answered "Hello" and I just asked him if he had ever done this before and he said no but that it was good. We just absolutely clicked right away and talked and talked and talked as if we were catching up!! He knew after that that we were meant to be together and that I was the one completely for him and made for him. I needed a little more convincing. But, I now believe in Saturday's Warrior. Two weeks after we started talking was my 35th birthday and he flew up here to make sure I had a good birthday. That was the best birthday present I ever got. And, seeing him at the airport was just like the SW movie also. Talk about awesome! Just when I had really really given up, thank God for miracles. We plan to be married sometime this summer. If he gets his way, it would be now! Hopefully we will post pics once the "deed" is done. My advice to all those like me, just pause and step back and look at things with a whole new perspective. I definately believe everything happens for a reason. It is not OUR plan, it is Heavenly Fathers plan!


We will be married on June 30th!

I had decided to take out my own endowments just before Christmas, and prayed that I would FINALLY find the man I was meant to be with. I then decided to give the internet one last try. I was on one night and came across "corbacheck", so I sent him a smile. He immediately started an IM conversation with me, and it seemed to just flow. We had our first date just after the new year, and made a connection! I have a four year old son, who absolutely adores him, and is excited to tell his friends that he is going to be his new second daddy! We will be married on June 30th!

Thank you so much for your services- it's amazing!

Lillylou3 & Corbacheck

I am the 3rd person in our ward that will be getting married

Now this is unbelieveable: I am the 3rd person in our ward that will be getting married thru LDSMingle!

The first is an older man from Ohio that met his wife to be thru LDS Mingle and then moved to Salt Lake and into our ward.

The second is a middle aged man from Salt Lake that met his wife to be while she was in the Phillipines. He went there for 10 days and at the end of the 10 days he decided to bring her home.

The third is a middle aged man in West Valley that found a wonderful lady of similar interests in Sandy. Their wedding is set for July 15th.

So -- don't give up. It can happen to you.


I met "Sherman1" about 20 years ago

I met "Sherman1" about 20 years ago when I was attending college in Rexburg, Idaho. I was set up on a blind date with his brother and we went to Wyoming for about 3 days and 2 nights and went horseback riding. It was lots of fun and I remember staying with "Sherman1" and his wife. He was married at the time. Anyway, nothing happened with his brother and I. We both went our separate ways. Then in November of 2005, I had to have an emergency back surgery so I was off work for eight weeks. The day after surgery I was home alone and decided to see who was online to talk to. I have worked all my life and this was the first time I had been laid up and not able to work. Anyway, there he was online. I didn't talk to him the first day but the second day I got the nerve to say hello. I asked him if he remembered or knew some of my friends and he did. Come to find out the we are all still really good friends. Well, things took off from there and well, we got married on March 31, 2006.

Scoutingmom & Sherman1

Amazônia meets Oceania!

Amazônia meets Oceania! We discovered a special connection from our first IM chat. We clicked instantly. Despite being on opposite sides of the world, our life journeys were so similar and the chemistry between us very powerful. It was an attraction on all levels. In only a very short time we realized that cards, phone calls, IM, mingle mail, and secret messages posted on each others profiles were just not enough. We had to meet. We had both fallen for each other but were shy to admit it. Our first meeting happened at the airport of Belem de Para and we just fell into each others arms. It was so obvious we had been feeling the same way all along and the fear and uncertainty just melted away as we held each other at the airport. A beautiful moment, it was as if we had known each other our whole lives. As the weeks progressed, together we realized we have a great debt to our saviour for bringing two people together who are true soulmates just separated by thousands of miles. LDS Mingle is a wonderful service, it is genuine and the people you meet are really nice. We have both made some good friends during the short journey to each other. For our future we are engaged and we just cannot stop smiling around each other, we have found a truly happy relationship. The distance will challenge us, as soon we will be separated until we decide which country we will call home. We wish all at LDS Mingle the same joy we have found and both believe it is important to keep an open heart and to follow it when the feeling is right.Thank you Mingle.

Aurinha & Ausiemac

I decided to give the internet one last try.

I had given up all hope on the internet dating scene. I had spent a lot of time and money and got nothing in return. A friend at work had told me about LDS Mingle. I decided to give the internet one last try. I had been a member for a couple of months but had not found anyone I was truly compatible with after looking though most of the profiles. Then when I had about lost all hope I received a message from another member. The rest as they say is history.

My fiance and I met on mingle in May 2005. We were chatting and e-mailing one another then on the phone all the time. We knew this was worth pursuing. Our one big obstacle was that we lived several hours away from one another and it would make it difficult to see one another and get to know each other more. After a couple of visits we figured out how to make everything work with travel and expenses. She later moved to Nashville, TN where I am located so we would be closer to one another.

Now it March 2006 and we are putting the final details on our wedding plans for the end of April 2006.

If it wasn't for LDS Mingle we would have never met and I would not have found the love of my life. Thanks again for creating such a great site and best wishes to all still looking for their mate.



I believe that when two people are willing to put their faith and trust in the Lord, and let Him become their Guiding Star, then they will come to know as I have that MIRACLES REALLY DO HAPPEN.

I joined LDS Mingle only a few short weeks ago never expecting to find my very best friend, let alone soulmate, or true love. Soon, however, I found myself attracted to the profile and introduction page of a very attractive young lady. I kept going back again and again to read about this lovely woman who according to her color profile was 100% compatible with me. Little did I know that the stage was being set for a miracle to happen.

Then, after much anticipation, the magic moment arrived. Several 'smiles' and 'e-mails' later, we found ourselves in a deeply touching phone conversation which pretty much ended with both of us sharing the sweetness of heartfelt tears. Now, after additional time and much happy talk, we have found not only the friendship we were looking for, but also feelings of love and happiness beyond our wildest dreams.

SO IT DOES HAPPEN. Thanks to LDS Mingle, it happened for us. For the rest of you out there, may I wish you all the success and happiness you seek. Don't ever settle for less. I found the best and you can too. Don't be discouraged. When all else fails, put your trust in the Lord. Believe me when I say that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!


We have been dating since the beginning of December

We met each other here on We have been dating since the beginning of December and now we are making wedding plans. Hooray! I could never have found the perfect match for me if I had not been on this site. Thanks LDS Mingle!


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