Success Stories: 2006

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Could he be the one I'd been waiting for?

I finally found him.. the man of my dreams.. he actually exists!!! He is everything I wanted, needed and so much more. Man, talk about my knight in shining armour, he came with his broom and completely swept me off my feet!!! So here's how it all started...

I had come back from NZ, left my ex and was moving forward with my life.I was keen to make new friends in church, and stumbled across LDS mingle.
Call me naive but I didn't realise it was a dating site, just a good way to meet fellow LDS members.
I randomly sent a few honest smiles out, "you're hot!!" happened to be one of them. After going thru some reply's. I sent "you're hot" again to my honey not realizing I had already sent him a smile. I then dropped him a few short lines.
"hey bro, how you doing, what you up2, holla if you aint busy, Rach". Innocent enough his reply blew me away. I received a novel and the spirit touched me instantly.I felt his honesty, his love and sincerity for the Lord and above all he was still HOT!! It was all on from there. We e-mailed every day -- 2 or 3 times a day and in the 3rd email he bravely asked for my number.I had never done anything like this before, but the spirit was so strong, I obliged. I could hear the nerves in his voice the first time we spoke and he even sounded hot. We had so much in common. My mind raced. Could he be the one I'd been waiting for?
Although I wasn't looking it seems as though Heavenly Father had plans for the both of us and after 5 days of conversing, on November 5th 2005, we made it official. He was in the UK and I was in Australia. We decided we wanted to be together, it just felt right. The spirit definitely testified this to the both of us. After speaking every day 3 times a day and e-mailing 3 or 4 times a day for 2 months we really got to know each other and we fell in love. He was and still is the most amazing person I have ever met. Then he flew to Perth.
I was so nervous, I knew I loved him but I wasn't sure if it was real or if it would be the same in person but he was so much more. He completely wooed me. He wrote me poetry, wrote and dedicated songs to me, drew pictures for me and sang and played the gat to me.

He is the most romantic perosn I know.
When he stepped off that plane our eyes locked and we held each other for what seemed like an eternity!!! I remember feeling like I never wanted to let him go and I haven't. I just knew we were meant to be together. Three days later, we finished the Book of Mormon together on New years eve and early New Years day he proposed. I just melted. When it's right, you just know and it was so right. The whole time the spirit was present confirming this truth!!

On January 13th he took me to the Perth Temple, got down on his knees and sung me a song he had written and smoothly pulled out that ring. What a man!!! We are getting maried July 1st 2006. I am marrying the man of my dreams. My knight, he came with his broom and swept me off my feet!!!I can't believe I met him on the net!!!

Thanx heaps LDS mingle. It just shows, The Lord truly does hear and answer prayers!! Thank you for providing the way...I Have never been happier!!!

much arohanui



THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! I gave up thinking perfection didn't exist, but I was humbled when I met my Eternal companion on LDS Mingle. We had met in October 2005 and have been connected ever since. I had the opportunity to propose on New Years Eve after we had finished the Book of Mormon challenge. Brothers and sisters, I testify that LDS Mingle works, for I was in London and she was in Australia, and now I am with my sweetheart preparing for our Temple Marriage on the 1st of July 2006. Thank you LDS Mingle... Conquest.


Married on the 15th!

I am Canadian. Latebloomer and I married on April 15th, 2006. It was a special day in Texas when these two star crossed lover's dream came true. Thank you LDS Mingle, you brought together two people who are madly in love and feel very lucky that this tool helped them find one another.

Canadian & Latebloomer

Happiness is possible!

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that happiness is possible, and it can be found right here at "LDS Mingle!" I met my sweetheart, "Yakubets" here in September of 2005, and in November of 2006 we will be sealed in the Helsinki Temple, one of the first few to be sealed there, as it is a new temple! After that, we will both live in her home country of Russia for at least a few years, with plans to eventually move back to my home state of California! If need be, I will remain with her in Russia for as long as necessary, as I know that it is SHE that I am to be with, my eternal companion and true love!

Thanks, LDS Mingle, for introducing me to my love!

**UPDATED December 18th, 2006**

Dear LDSmingle!
We wrote a letter some months earlier telling everyone we had met, but now we have better news...WE JUST GOT MARRIED! Yes, we met right here on LDSmingle, and it really was a miracle that we met. We are from opposite sides of the planet, Jason being from Nevada, and Lena being from Chelyabinsk, Russia! We were married by civil authorities first, on December 1st, 2006, as that is the rule for Russian citizens, but the Church waives the one year waiting period for Russian citizens because of this rule, and we can be sealed as soon as we wish. We are going the the Helsinki Temple in the Spring of 2007, and many people from our new branch in Chelyabinsk will be there to wish us well.

We both want to thank LDSmingle for helping us to find each other. We are both so very happy together, and we are looking forward to wonderful marriage, one that is gospel centered and full of love. We are so very happy and truly in love. We both feel as though our Heavenly Father made this web site just for us.

Jason and Elena
Starrij_Kotara & Yakubets

Starrij_Kotara & Yakubets

"Coyoteman" is the love of my life!

"Coyoteman" is the love of my life! We met on LDS Mingle, dated and fell madly in love. By the time we went on our first date, we already knew a lot about each other. We already knew we had a lot in common. We will laugh and love and cry together the rest of our days. Thanks so much for making this possible.

Camanae & Coyoteman

We hit it off after our first IM.

Not being on this site very long, I was blessed to meet "SirSteve". We hit it off after our first IM. After many long IM's and cell phone calls we just had to meet. He came to WA to meet me in person and before he left, we had a ticket in hand for me to see him in CA. After a couple of more plane trips we are now planning to marry come this Fall. "SirSteve" and "Tbears2Dream" will reside in WA after the wedding. We both are thankful for this site, for this site is what was meant to be for eternity.

TBear2Dream & SirSteve

Love Found!

"Renovatedman" & "Midwife" are so thankful for your site!! I got a flirt from him and he was online so the IM'ing began, then the phone. We truly are a match, so much alike in many ways! To all you still looking, don't give up as you never know what will happen tommorow!

"Renovatedman" & "Midwife"

If it worked for me, it could work for anyone.

I sent a brief email to "Johnabus" when he showed up as a new match in January, just as I had hundreds of other men with or without photos. He replied. We sent cards. He wrote me poetry. After talking me into getting a webcam, we started talking for hours. He flew up here to Seattle over spring break, to see if we could possibly be as good together in real life. Yep! He didn't use his return ticket to Houston and we were married on April 15. It's only the beginning of a great marriage based on a great friendship. Sisters, just keep writing to all those people. Be yourself!!! If it worked for me, it could work for anyone.

WAjayell & Johnabus

We met online on Aug 9, 2005

"HisTeach" and "JillyBean2" were happily married on Dec 16, 2005 in the Mt Timp. Temple. We have had four wonderful months together and are so grateful for this site bringing us together. We were 1000 miles apart - UT and CA. We met online on Aug 9, 2005 and the rest was a fairytale romance. We were officially engaged on September 30th and the rest was history. Thank you for all that LDS Mingle does.

histeach & jillybean2

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