Success Stories: 2006

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Our friendship caught fire

I met lbb410 april 5th of this year. It has been a short 6 weeks of first meeting, a casual date then our friendship caught fire. What a great medium this is to find dates, relationships, etc. I first started this 3 + years ago. I have met and dated others all over the world. Lbb410 is a widow of 7 years. I would tell men not to be afraid of dating someone you can't be sealed too. There is a greater vision which we do not comprehend that our HF has for us. Go with your feelings. Thanks mingles!! LeRoy

indoffslc & lbb410

asked her the big question.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Pepperdee and a guy named Fordtruck. They both lived in small towns in Georgia. They lived about 50 miles apart even thought they had never met. This is where the story begins.....
Fordtruck was online one day a noticed Pepperdee. He thought she had a great smile and was very attractive. He read her profile and wondered if her personality was equally attractive. He sent her a smile and to his delight she responded. This went on for about a week and Fordtruck decided to ask her if it would be ok to call her sometime. She said yes and gave him the phone number. The first conversation lasted about an hour. It consisted of the ice breaking stuff and ended talking about classic rock. He promised to call her later in the week. Well like most ladies Pepperdee was impatient and decided to call him. It was on November 25, 2006 @5 pm. He picked up the phone, trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes and clear his voice (he was taking a nap). She said what are you doing? He gave a great answer....waiting for you to call! They talked for a few minutes and decided to meet in person. Dinner and a movie......The evening went well and the conversation was great. All around a good time. They continued to talk on the phone and they even went out a couple more times. The story continues and this pair find themselves on Christmas Day. He was out of state and she was home alone. Again she call to talk and even invites him to her house for the evening to watch a movie. He drove for the next two hours thinking how great the evening was going to be and also flattered that she wanted to spend such an important evening with him.
We could talk about the many hours they spent together and all the phone calls, meeting each others children, Sundays spent in church, temple trips, singles activities, road trips but it is too much to mention.
The story picks up 5 months later.....We find Fordtruck and Pepperdee taking an evening walk at the local park. It is a clear night and they decided to sit in a swing and relax for a few minutes. Pepperdee makes a wish on the first star she sees that evening. Can you guess what she wished for? Later on the same evening her wish came true. Fordtruck asked her the big question. Her answer? You got it...she said yes...otherwise there would be no story to tell. The next chapter will begin with a trip to the temple in September and then they will live happily ever after. Thank you Mingle to giving Fordtruck and Pepperdee the avenue to meet. The end.

Pepperdee & Fordtruck

RichardChamberlain & Rainbow71

I cannot thank you enough. I joined only thinking I might make some online friends, I never thought that not only would I meet someone, but that they also liked me and that we would fall in love with each other too. This past couple of months have been the best couple of months in my life. The Lord's hands are in this. We both feel this. It was no coincidence how we found each other.
We had both been fasting and praying that we would find someone for some time. Well when Rainbow71 sent me a smile I left it for at least a day before replying. But her smile she sent just kept nagging at me until I replyed. So I did. She then replyed back and I just had to press that IM button and from there well, we IM'd for a solid week, sometimes all night!!!!!!! We then stepped up and then spoke on the phone for another week. The best was when we met for the first time. It was then I knew she was the person for me and that she was the Eternal Companion that Heavenly Father had promised me. We get married on the 1st July. We also will be sealed for time and eternity later that day at Preston Temple. Unfortunately UK law means we have to be married civilly before we can be sealed.

Well as Richard has gassed on for about a month!!! ;-) There is hardly anything left to say :-) Except that he is the most annoying person in the whole world! Why do I say this? Well you know the 'do you think you'd click' bit on the site? I was on there one day and his profile just kept coming back to the top of the pile time and time again, so in the end I thought 'I'd better just click yes and shut him up'. And as they say the rest is history! When I joined Mingle I honestly NEVER thought that I would meet my Eternal companion, but then what do I know!!! In this case I'm more than happy to have been proven wrong! Just don't tell Rich or I'll NEVER live it down lol! So if you are reading this and wondering 'shall I join?' all I can say is PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE. You just never know who is waiting around the corner. But most of all never give up on yourself, never doubt that you will find the one person for you, never quit.
With much love
Rainbow71 xxxxxxxxxxxx


Distance is no barrier where love is concerned.

Perth, Western Australia is a long way from Utah in the United States but faith, commitment and love overcome the kilometres or miles - depending on which language you are speaking! lol.

My husband and I met in the LDS Mingle chat room in Oct 2004 and progressed from friendship to being sealed in the Manti Temple in March 2006. How grateful we are for the part that LDS Mingle has played in helping Heavenly Father reunite us. Thank you.

***Updated 3/17/09***
Today, St Patrick's Day, we celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Through changes big (my husband's accident making him a quadriplegic and immigration problems meaning I had to return to Western Australia) and small (he likes the History channel and I like the Food network channel! lol) we are still a Mingle success story!!

At the moment, we are searching for a word to describe what we feel for each other because love just doesn't encompass it all!!! We will always be thankful for LDS Mingle!

Ozymum and Dadx4

Ozymum & Dadx4

We gave it a chance!

What a great sith this is! I had been using the site for a month and a half when I recieved a flirt from a woman in the area where I live in. This was very exciting after realizing that most the singles on this site are primarily from out west and which meant that I would have to travel if I met someone. After i recieved this flirt from this woman that was in my area I emailed back and forth with her and was drawn in by the fact that she didn't have a picture on her profile. She had said that she knew me and was very interested in me but factors in her life weren't perfect for us to start any type of relationship. I came to find out that I was also attracted to her and we decided after chatting online for awhile that we would start talking on the phone and seeing each other. We are very connected in so many ways it is amazing. We have started to get to know each others children and are hoping for bigger and better things in the near future. THANK YOU LDS MINGLES for making it possible for two people to share without having to feel the pressure of getting to know someone and not having it work out.


We couldn't be happier

I didn't think it was possible to meet the love of my life through an online singles site, let alone an LDS one. I had heard horror stories, but I tried the online thing anyway. True2boiz and I have been together for 5+ months and we couldn't be better for eachother, or more in love. We seemed to have been missing each other and when we met, it all seemed to fit. I couldn't be happier. It does happen, don't let anyone discourage you.

Shoe and True

Shoe8523 & True2boiz


Here is a success story for you! Mikel & I met through the LDS Mingle in December of 2004. We followed safety suggestions and, as we call it, "did our homework". We began with e-mails
and after establishing an interest, we exchanged phone numbers. As the interest grew we shared background information, and before meeting in person we had our Bishops communicate with each other to verify our background information and our good standing in the Church. After affirming this we met one another and soon fell in love. We became engaged the following Thanksgiving (2005) and will be married and sealed in the Louisville, KY Temple on June 17th 2006! We recommend anyone meeting via the internet to verify each other's characters through personal references "Bishop to Bishop" is a great route to go as Bishops have a church list of other Bishops and can be certain they are talking to the actual Bishop and not someone posing as a Bishop. Going this route has protected me from more than one "would be heartbreaker". We realize it is impossible for the Mingle to be able to screen every individual for worthiness and membership records, it is up to each individual to complete that process. As technology advances, so must our own awareness
advance and we must use every wisdom to protect ourselves.

Mikel and I were both VERY forth coming as we had NOTHING to hide from each other, and neither of us hesitated to give the other our background
information (line upon line *of course*), and once mutual interest was established, we very willingly shared our Bishops information so that each Bishop could verify and communicate.
I really feel that this personal reference is KEY when meeting through the medium of the internet, and it is not a bad idea when meeting at the local singles dance. It may not sound very romantic, but TRUST ME; the romance found
its way in and I have never felt more LOVED than I feel in Mikel's embrace! I truly believe that our loving Heavenly Father had more than a hand in
bringing us together, and the LDS Mingle provided the perfect opportunity for Heavenly Father to introduce us to one another. I was on the mingle for about 4 years before finally meeting the RIGHT one, I met several other nice ones and made several friendships over that time, I also suffered a broken heart or two as I continued the search... I advise everyone to remember that the RIGHT match is OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, and they are
also seeking diligently for you. Keep the faith, say your prayers, and do not settle for less than what you are looking for! Don't let Mr./Miss RIGHT NOW, distract you from finding Mr./Miss RIGHT ONE...that's where most of us make the mistakes that lead to divorce.

Best Wishes to Singles everywhere! May we all find the happiness and companionship we seek! Follow the Light!


We are pleased to announce
The marriage of:
Tina Lois Gardner


Mikel Lewis Skaggs

On Saturday the Seventeenth Day Of June
Two thousand and six

In the Louisville Kentucky Temple
Of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Earthangel & Yoda

It can happen!

Glynn (user name: Kinistino) and I (Hischild) met here on Mingles at the end of September 2005. I did a search for matches in my area and there he was! His great sense of humor stood out to me right away. In his profile and I could see something special in his eyes. We are a perfect match! We got engaged February 3 and married April 15, 2006. We are soooo blissfully happy. It can happen! I suggest to everyone not to give up, keep the commandments, and trust in our Heavenly Father. He loves each one of us and wants us to be happy. I'm going to miss all my friends here on Mingles...I'll keep praying for you. Love to you all! Christine

**UPDATED Jan 16, 2007**
It is amazing how when you let Heavenly Father in on finding you the right match how right it really can be. Glynn and I had fasted and prayed and knew without a shadow of a doubt that being together was what Heavenly Father wanted for us, but because we had spent about two weeks altogether in person there was so much we didn't know about each other. We have found that there are so many ways we are compatible and so much alike. Little things that we would never have thought to ask our Heavenly Father for in a spouse are there for us. Our love has grown and blossomed as we have discovered what a truly wonderful gift our Heavenly Father has given us. We plan to continue to live Happily Ever After.

Thank-you for this wonderful site you provided that helped us find each other.

We have received our sealing clearance and plan to be sealed in May at the Edmonton, Alberta temple.

Take care.
Christine and Glynn

Hischild & Kinistino

Truely my 100% ideal match!

I met my Fiance' through LdsMingle! He is from Melbourne and after talking for a while we realized that 3 years ago (the week before his mission) he had stayed at my families place... Because my older brother had served in his area and they had become good friends! Anyway we met up and fell in love! We had talked through Mingle for about 6 months prior to going there and within a week we prayed and fasted about it and got engaged! He is so amazing! Truely my 100% ideal match!


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