Success Stories: 2006

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Moonwaters held my attention

Upon the expiration of my first three months, I went off the site. I recieved about 6 e-mails that I couldn't read so I signed on for another month. On the first day back on after reading the mail, I glanced at some more profiles. Moonwaters held my attention we messaged some, had some of our friends that knew us personally vouch for us. A play, a picnic, a festival in a park for children, some stars, a few songs on the guitar and some strumming and plucking on the Banjo and we are thinking this is it. Good luck to all of us.

Andyofmontana & Moonwaters

We both felt like we had known each other.

Servicegirl and I meet on line and talked to each other for over 15 hours on the phone. We agreed to meet and can I tell you, It was love at first sight. We both got chills as she walked into the living room were I was talking to her mom and dad. My mouth dropped to the ground and out came "WOW" (I didnt realize I said it out loud LOL) We went on our date and the whole 9 1/2 hours was pure heaven on earth. We both felt like we had known each other and walked and talked about what we were looking for in an eternal mate. Everything matched, we both have the same beliefs, desires and Love for our Savior!! We dated every night for the next 10 days and talked of the future and how great it was going to be togather. Being a widower I was concerned with how my 2 little girls would take it but they call her Mommy and my oldest say's that mommy in heaven is happy daddy found a new mommy for her! We went to the SLC temple for a session and thats were I proposed to her in the Celestial room. She hugged me and said YES. I am the happiest man in the whole world. She is everything I could ever hope for. I was looking for love and found it on Mingles!! Thank you from the both of us! FATHEROF2

**UPDATED Jan 19th, 2007**
We were married on July 22 in the SLC temple and have been very much on our honeymoon and plan on being on one for all eternity!! Ana and the girls (I had two girls from my wife, RoseJane, who passed away) are getting along so well It feels like she has been their mother forever. The bond we have is so strong we can tell our Heavenly Father and those who love us in heaven helped bring us together.

Ed and Ana

FATHEROF2 & Servicegirl

I am planning on asking her

I had just got home off my mission in late January. I hadn't checked my mingles in a little while, but the first time I did she was there Jen. I smiled at her and the next day she emailed me. Things progressed and a few weeks later we spoke on the phone. 11 days later I was knocking on her door 8 hours away from where I lived. She lived in Michigan where I used to live when I was younger. Lucky for me, my sister still lived there and let me live with her. Things continued to progress with Jen and I. I got a great job, which gave me the opportunity to afford such things as a engagement ring! I am planning on asking her in the next few days and then San Diego Temple here we come LDS mingles was where it first started Eternally grateful Brandon.

**UPDATED Jan 19th, 2007**
Jen and I are getting married relatively soon. We set the Date in San Diego to go to the Temple on Tuesday. We are getting married on June 15th 2007 at 3:00. And I would love to send you the story of our wedding day. A lot has happened and my relationship with Jen has just flourished. We are looking into buying our first home together, which I will fix to perfection so after her semester at college and our wedding it will be ready for us to call home. We have told so many people our story and they all consider it to be fate and in so many ways I agree. If it wasn't for the internet and LDS Mingles I would never of had the great opportunity to meet the love of my life. Right now Jen is back at school and I am busy with tax season in full swing, we look so forward to our marriage and unity for time and all eternity in the Temple. We are going to head back to my home in Nauvoo in May for her to receive her own endowments, and then off to San Diego in June. My life couldn't be going better, we met with the bishop here the other day to discuss the wedding and we are so surprised at how ahead of the game we are because all the things we were able to talk about while members of LDS Mingles. We are so excited to let you know and we will continue to let you know about the great success we have achieved due to LDS Mingles. Whenever you will let us we are glad to tell the world true love does exist and you can find it online and it can be amazing. Thank you, Brandon.


It all started with a smile that changed both of our lives.

I met my sweet husband on LDS mingles. It all started with a smile that changed both of our lives. It was weird, every time we would send each other a message it was like we were trying to scare each other off with tales of past experiences and lost loves. We talked on the phone every night for about two weeks and then he asked me to come to Idaho Falls for a firemans ball. I accepted his invitation that he later told me was more like a bluff that I happened to call. We had a wonderful time and we spent every weekend after that together.
We were married on April 20th and we are so thankful for this site, because without it I would have never met the man that would change my life forever. Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!! Good luck to you all.....Love is a risk worth taking!!!

From Chief10--

Chief 10 respond to a report fire burning within Southmeetswest. C10 on scene, no flames showing only strong heat at this time (10 14 05). C10 will keep watch. C10 reporting more heat and flames showing after going to Idaho Falls FireFighters Ball (11 04 05). C10 will continue to keep watch, I will advise if additional help is needed. C10 reporting, extream heat and flames, the situation is becoming very intense, Southmeetswest has become fully involved. C10 has the scene under control all other units can stand down at this time (2 11 06). C10 reporting, the fire has become too beautiful and strong to put out, I will remain on scene forever and fan the flames. Some fires you just have to keep burning (4 20 06).

Chief10 and Southmeetswest always and forever!!!!!!

southmeetswest & Chief10

We used to say we were sending each other OUR moon.

Dear Sara, Inez (maresol) and Richard (slate3) met on LDSMingle on September 13 2005. We talked nonstop for 7 hours, and every day since. We felt the strongest love, and wanted to marry from the beginning. There were difficulties because Richard lived in Australia and Inez in Brazil. Night time in one country was daytime in the other. We used to say we were sending each other OUR moon. Sometimes we lost contact with computer failures, and we felt in despair.

Despite difficulties, Richard sold all he owned and moved to Brazil with only a suitcase. He crossed the Pacific ocean and a continent. Finally we shared our first real kiss. It was so much warmer than the computer screen.

Now we are married and our love is even stronger. It seems to grow each day. We are not young (about 50) and we dont want to waste a second apart from each other, really!

We are sitting together writing this message, our moon is shining on both of us and we kiss. We never knew how wonderful love is. God used Mingle to bring us together.

Richard and Inez Bloom

maresol & slate3

We're pleased to announce that we were married on December 1

It all began with a smile that bec75 sent to ntb75 in July 2005. That smile then lead to us IM'ing each other for a while and then to a lengthy phone conversation that very same night. Right away we both felt that there was something different between us than the normal casual introduction. Lucky for us, we lived in the same city a little over 6 miles apart. After a few more lengthy phone calls over the following few days, we agreed to meet in person only three days after we started talking. We haven't stopped talking and we haven't been apart since. We're pleased to announce that we were married on December 10, 2005. Only five short months after that simple smile was sent. If it wasn't for LDSmingle, we never would have met. Thank you Mingle for making our lives complete and happy!! ntb75 and bec75

ntb75 and bec75

I instant messaged him and we had an amazing conversation!!

This is just another success not much different from the rest
that you get I expect. The only difference, is that it happened to me. I
have been on LDSmingle for close to a year now I believe and have removed my
profile several times. Either I would get tired of the drama or find
someone that would make me feel like I didn't need to be on there anymore.
This actually happened in January and I removed profile. All the men that I
had met off of this site had turned out to be something totally different
than I thought and it had only lead to a bunch of headaches. But one day at
the beginning of February, I felt that I should reactivate my account and so
I did. And a few days later as I was browsing through the photo gallery a
picture and username caught my eye. So I clicked on his profile and began to
read about him. He was very cute and his username had to do with an Adam
Sandler movie, one of my favorite actors! He also had something on his
profile about march madness and I love basketball!! So I sent him a smile
and he smiled back. Soon after he sent me an email. I didn't email him back
right away because I didn't really expect anything to happen. His profile
said that he wasn't looking for anything serious and mine said something to
the same affect. But then I was on LDSmingle one day and saw that he was
online too. So I instant messaged him and we had an amazing conversation!!
Everything just flowed!! We talked about our families and music and food and
some of the most arbitrary things!! We agreed on some things and disagreed
on others. But it was one of the best conversations that I've ever had with
someone that I didn't know that well. After that conversation we talked on
MSN messenger a few times and then he was gonna be on the road for his job.
So I had to introduce him to the invention of the telephone and I gave him
my number. The first night that we really talked we talked for 5 hours. It
was a Sat. night and I got one hour of sleep before I had to get up and go
to church the next morning. But when i woke up...I felt like I had gotten a
full 8 hours. Over the next 2 nights I got 8 and a half more hours of sleep,
so I was going on 9 and a half hours of sleep over 72 hours!!! But I didn't
mind because I loved talking to him. Still do of course. But things are
wonderful. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him
with all of my heart and we are going to be married in the Mt. Timpanogos
Temple in July!! We have both decided though, that the creator of this
website has an automatic slot in the celestial kingdom in our book because
they have helped us find each other. Thank you so much!!

anglally7 and tttodayjunior

anglally7 and tttodayjunior

She flew down and I had a big red bow on my head

Oldbes and Quasneinc met on mingles three days after she joined. She was the profile of the week and I thought she was really cute and her profile was really cool. We talked for about a month online and then we started talking on the phone. The second time we talked on the phone she asked what I would do if she showed up at the airport and I said I would be there with a big red bow on my head. So she flew down and I had a big red bow on my head. We get along so great and we both know that Heavenly Father had a hand in our meeting. We are so thankful for this site and for the love that our Father in Heaven has for us. For those who just want to give up, be patient we know that there is someone out there for everyone. We both had to learn patience before we finally were ready for each other. Good luck!

By Oldbes:
My fiance and I met on LDS Mingle. We started talking about 3 days after I joined LDS Mingle, we had so much fun corresponding we would stay up until 3 in the morning chatting! We started talking on the phone and immediately I knew I loved him and wanted to be with him, but decided we better meet before I really knew for sure!!! Three weeks later I flew to Birmingham, AL from Idaho Falls, ID. The whole trip was so magical I knew I was supposed to be there. The sixth day we were together we got engaged and are planning on being married in December!!! Im so happy I didn't give up my hope of finding someone to love!! He is the man of my dreams! Thank you LDS Mingle!!!!!

Oldbes and Quasneinc

My stake president stated that some people would call our me

I met a lot of nice people on mingle, and a few not so nice people. A friend I had met on Mingle needed help, andi remembered reading Phil's profile some time back, he had remarked that he was a widower, so I hoped perhaps he would know how to help, as I was at a complete loss. He sent me a beautiful response, and asked me if he could write me. We had a long distance relationship for many months. The spirit was very strong and we traveled back and forth and after receiving confirmation from Heavenly Father were sealed on May 5th in the Jordan River Temple by my youngest son's former mission president. My stake president stated that some people would call our meeting although living 2200 miles apart sarendipitious, but he felt it was divine intervention.


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