Success Stories: 2006

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It's a long story of faith and true love.

It's a long story of faith and true love. All I will say is I met him on this line two years ago.
I had removed my profile due to disappointments and dead ends.
I then had a strong prompting to put my profile back
I received a smile from a sweet and nice looking gentleman from Peru.
I was going to respond and then I figured "No it's pointless because he is just too far"
Well...I felt prompted to respond and we started chatting writing letters, calling, and so on and we began to develop feelings for one another.
I prayed to the Lord that if it was his will that things would work out. Well...we learned that it will not be impossible for him to come here to the United States.
I went to Peru to meet him and he was everything that he told me that he was, he was a complete angel.
I was deeply in love with him.

About 6 months after we met, there were some problems with an Ex that caused us to break off the relationship. I was devistated (and that is how I ended up back here). Anyway, I felt in my heart that it would be okay and that I should be patient and three weeks later he told me that he wanted to get back together.
I was uncertain about this, but after praying I felt that it was the right thing to do.
Well..more trials came and I again felt all would be well.
Now we are back together and we are deeply in love with one another.
Faith and persistence did pay off.
I am so happy.
A marriage date is not as yet set, but I know that it will happen

He's a great guy and he is a man who tries so hard and who strives to do the right things.
Best wishes to everyone.

**UPDATED 10/16/06**
Wowee! It really does work. I swore that I would never meet anyone from the internet, but I had a feeling that I needed to at least give it a try. Two years ago I did meet someone from this site and we were engaged and then the engagement was broke off and it was very very painful. In November of 2005 I received smiles from Antonytiger along with e mails and we began to chat. I lost contact with him for a while since he did not have any internet access. Our contact went off and on. The more I talked to him the more I felt that I really liked him. Just a few months ago he sent me an e mail asking me to call him because he no longer had internet access.

I was getting ready to call him and realized that I had accidentally deleted his phone # I felt very bummed out because I really felt the need to give him a call. Well, I did everything that I could to find his # through the internet and had no success. I really had a feeling that I needed to get in touch with him. I had prayed about it and the following day he was online and I told him what had happened. HE gave me his phone # again and we began talking on the phone and really hit it off.

He told me that he could meet me in the middle of October and the more we talked the more we really liked each other and realized that we wanted to be together so we ended up meeting on September 19th. When I saw him coming down the ramp at the airport, I felt like I was seeing a long lost friend and I was in love . We got married in Las Vegas on September 21st. He's a wonderful man and I could not be happier.

I just want to thank LDS Mingle for this program. I had moments of disappointment, discouragement and broken promises, but everytime I talked to antonytiger, I felt like he was the one.

He really is a wonderful man and I feel that the money that I put into the program was the best money I had every spent in my life.

returnofthejedi & antonytiger

We plan on being married August 5

We met on LDS mingle in August 2005 and talked online. We met up again in January 2006 and started talking every night and emailing throughout the day. We were not able to meet when we wanted but felt connected. We were finally able to meet at General Conference 3 months later. We both immediately knew we had found our eternal companion. We got engaged 3 weeks later on a mountain top overlooking the Rockies. We plan on being married August 5 in the Idaho Falls temple. We would have never met if it hadn't been for LDS Mingle. We feel so blessed to have found each other. Thank you!

Candle911 & loaner

Getting married on September 14th 2006

Well we meet in December 2005 on mingles. We sent a few smiles and talked a little bit but it never went any further. Then about 2 months later we started chatting agian. We chated all day. Soon we started to talk on the phone then we meet in February. We dated for 4 months and finaly last night he proposed. We are getting married on September 14th 2006 in the Mesa temple. Thanks alot LDS Mingles


Tomorrow is my wedding day.

Tomorrow is my wedding day, and one that I never thought that I would have. LordVador and I began writing each other in June of last year. We moved to text messages, and to the phone. He came to visit me in December, and on Christmas eve, he asked me to marry him. I am eternally greatful for LDSMingle because I have met the man I want to spend all time with.. We are happy and very thankful..

Missbehavin & LordVador

Love at first smile

Chris (uscferrari) viewed my profile (lawcutie) and says he fell in love with my smile. He instant messaged me on January 8th, 2006 and we chatted for a few days before we switched to phone calls. We both agreed that we didn't want to fall in love online and that we should meet in person quickly. We met for the first time on MLK day for brunch. Things were a bit awkward that first date, but by the third date we were pretty tight, and shared our first kiss (while watching The Best Two Years.) It wasn't long before we agreed to date exclusively and started telling each other we loved each other. We live 111 miles away from each other, so we've had to limit our dating mostly to the weekends. I was also in my last semester of law school during most of our relationship and Chris has been very understanding and supportive of my having to study every night. And I know it will be even rougher while I study for the bar, but I also know that Chris will be there for me through
it all!

Marriage talk started as a hypothetical in February, but we managed to wait until May to make it official. Chris's proposal was literally very sweet. One of our favorite dates was when we sat outside a truffle shop in his car eating chocolate, kissing, and listening to Cold Play. So Chris decided to hide the ring in a large truffle. Chocolate and diamonds....who can resist? Not me! So we made it official. We are getting married August 12th of this year in the San Diego temple. We can't wait to begin our life together.


Lawcutie and USCFerrari

Lawcutie and USCFerrari

We married for time and eternity in the Salt Lake City Templ

Dear Sara,
Yes I did meet my mate on your site. His name was Bellringer11 and mine was Daylee. I had just about given up when Bellringer sent me a wink. I looked at his profile and we were a 98% match or something like that. The highest I had ever been hooked up with. I sent him an email and we corresponded with each other for about a month before we met in person.

It is always nice to get to know someone via letters and telephone, so it isn't as awkward when you finally meet in person. We met in October 2005 and we married for time and eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple April 14, 2006.

Thank you for providing an avenue for two people to meet.

Bellringer and Daylee

Bellringer and Daylee

We plan to marry this year

Within 2 days of joining LDS Mingle I made contact with the most wonderful person I have ever met. After spending the next few days chatting on line till the early hours and all night long a couple of times even we arranged to meet up. I travelled to her home and spent an amazing 4 days together that was then extended to 10 days. We spent all that time getting to know each other and visited the Temple in London together. We both felt the same way towards each other - that is we loved each other. It was extremely quick but you can't ignore the feeling and promptings of the spirit.
We plan to marry this year and want to thank Mingle for bringing us together. This has been totally unexpected but very welcome for us both and would recommend anyone to try Mingle, 'cos you just never know.


We are now planning an eternity together

Shirley785 and I (avchuck) met on mingle on April 17 2006. During our first IM conversation, Shirley found out that we had a mutual friend so she called him. Thank goodness he gave me a good report. Our first date was dinner and a movie. Since then we have atended firesides, the temple, concerts, family functions, and spent every spare minute doing the day to day things together. Our first date was our last first date. We are now planning an eternity together and look forward to building a family and future.

Avchuck & Shirley785

The “3 contacts a day” rule.


I sent a note a couple of months ago informing you that I would be
terminating my membership, for good reasons of course. I found a lovely
person through LDS Mingle to whom I am now engaged to marry October 6th
2006. I am in Sacramento California and she lives in Richmond Virginia. It
has been a challenge to date and prepare but we have made the sacrifices to
really get to know one another. On May 26th I proposed to Heather Strange
from outside her bedroom window. It was very traditional. Our courtship has
been exciting and wonderful. Heather was rated I believe 92% my match. That
is interesting seeing how we are different in so many ways. It is however to
our interest that we are both different; we both feed off of each other's
strengths and love it. We are planning a DC Temple Sealing. I will be so
eternally grateful for LDS Mingle, that you provided a forum to meet my
"soul mate". I know you must have many success stories but this will go down
as one of the most exciting events ever! Thank you.


**UPDATED Sept 9, 2006**
Her Story;
On Christmas Eve 2005, I decided to get over my ego and try your website again. I had been a member off and on, and finally realized that love, like anything, takes work. So, after applying the “3 contacts a day” rule, I was ultimately contacted by a man outside my age range preferences towards the end of January. Something told me to write back and give it a mature chance. I kept applying the rule of 3, realizing that not everything is apparent at first. Three emails told me it was okay to let him call. Three phone calls, each of which lasted over 4 hours, told me it was okay for him to visit. Three visits told me all about the rest of my existence. I fell in love with someone who was most definitely prepared for me by Heavenly Father and who I possibly never would’ve met any other way than online. He’s in California and I’m in Virginia. He’s been married with 3 children and I’ve been single. I’m 32 and he’s 49. Only the internet could have facilitated our search and our budding romance. I always thought that I’d use LDS Mingle as just an ego boost everyday till I met someone locally. I never thought that I’d actually meet my soulmate through your services. It’s never like you think it’s going to be. He’s more than I dreamed could be mine. I’m so thankful to be sealed this October to Michael. I’ve searched all my life for him.

His Story;
We were three thousand miles apart in more than just one aspect. Of course you want to date someone close to you, but the whole reason I did get on "Mingle" was because I wanted to open up my heart as well as the possibilities. As it was, the most wonderful woman, more than I could have ever imagined, answered one of my many sincere introductions. It would have seemed impossible odds to match her and I, not only was she 3,000 miles away, but 16 years younger, never married, and no children. From my prospective our divisions didn’t add up, it didn't look like a match. After many developing emails and then many endless conversations on the telephone, out of curiosity, I flew from California to Virginia to meet her. What happened from that point on seemed to be out of our hands. We did not hit it off at first and it seemed for a short time that the initial trip was not as one would hope. We did however connect on at least a friendship level, so we continued our long distance communications. At some point, which is too special to thoroughly describe, I just knew that this young lady was it for me. Unaware or her feelings, she started to feel the same for me. We had another visit with each other in Virginia; it was then that the fireworks started to ignite. From the moment we discovered within ourselves that we had actually found a "soul mate" in each other we have been embarrassingly in love. We’ve been like two teenagers in love for the very first time. I am beaming from my very soul and more than grateful to announce that Heather and Michael are getting sealed in the Washington DC temple October 6th 2006. We have courted and we have time tested our first impressions no matter how different they were. We know we have found love, true love, even though it may have appeared at the beginning that we are so far apart on so many levels, we are indeed a match.

serious4U & strangepiano

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