Success Stories: 2006

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Friendship turned into unconditional love

I have many people to thank. First, LDS Mingle. Second, my mother for telling me about this site. Third, the nice guys I've met on here earlier that for one reason or another didn't quite work out. And finally .... my future husband, Sean. I was wandering through the profiles, throwing out smiles to guys that caught my eye (a good greating is very helpful). I sent a smile to "Shannanagin" and he wrote back. We wrote back and forth for about a month and finally met for our first date. We had a lot in common and quickly became best friends. And quickly that friendship turned into unconditional love. On our fourth date, Sean proposed. We will be married September 23rd, 2006; just four months after our first date. We are so happy and look forward to spending eternity together. I have no doubts that the Lord has prepared us for each other and finally brought us together ... with the help of Mingle! Thank you!

Amy & Sean (funchica & Shannanagin)

funchica & Shannanagin

We've never been happier!

DigitalGuy and I started corresponding on December 31. A few weeks later he called me and soon after we met in person at Temple Square. After dating a few weeks, we really clicked and decided to date exclusively to see where the relationship would go. In March we got engaged and were married in June. You had us at 100% match and you were right! We feel the Lord brought us together and we've never been happier! Thank you, Mingle!

singlesandygal & DigitalGuy

Tim is my best friend and I love him so much

Tim and I started out just sending each other smiles neither of us were paying members.
June 10th was the first day that we each sent each other a smile, that same day we talked on the phone for 2 hours. From then on we have talked every day, June 24th was the first day that we met in person. That day was a turning point for the both of us, my feelings and emotions for him where brought to life just by seeing him in person and being with him. Tim and I have grown so close together and have fallen in love with each other. We are looking at rings currently, but I cant wait till the day that he asks me to be his wife!!
I just want to say thank you LDS Mingle if it werent for you Tim and I would not have found each other!! Tim is my best friend and I love him so much, so thank you once again LDS Mingle.


I have married my best friend

I would like to just say thank you to LDSMingle for bringing raredoggy and I, sunbeam5 together. The safety this web site gave us enabled our freindship to blossom to the point that the only thing we could do to furthur our friendship was marriage.
So it was after a trip to the temple and some nourishsment from McDonalds on the way home, Raredoggy proposed in the car park of McDonalds.
He looked very nervous but I giggled and said yes. We were married on the ninth of June 2006.
I have married my best friend, my best companion, my confidant , my lover at last. The Lord graced us with his presence in every step we took to find each other. And we both feel extremly blessed to have found each other, with the help of LDSMingle we would never of met, but with the coaxing of friends I joined and could not beleive my eyes raredoggy joined the same week and that was the week we got talking, and talking.
This man of God has gained the respect of all my children and they did not hesitate in calling him dad.
I know have everything I prayed for in the temple, which was for the Lord to help me find a man that could give me the same peace I feel in my heart ,that I feel in the celestial room,and raredoggy did it from the start, a true gentleman, and righteous man of God.
I feel proud to carry his name and to call him husband. The joy we both feel is so overwhelming, my chidren cannot beleive I could ever be so happy.
My married daughter told me that she was studying the scripture last night, and found in them the attributes required to be a son of God.... And she gleefully informed me that I had found one do not let him go, and that I was most fortunate to have a second chance.. and that the Lord must be watching over me and her little brothers and sisters...
I can only concur with her and feel blessed that raredoggy has brought such peace into my family and such peace in to my soul.
Again we both would like to say thank yo LDSMingle and keep up the good work
Love always Sunbeam5 and raredoggy
OR Russell and Jacqueline Poole.

sunbeam5 & raredoggy

Engaged to be married on October 21

Ok... So when I first found out about LDSMingle, I was not in too much of a hurry to sign up. I finally filled out the personality profile and everything else. I even put up a great picture of me that captures my personality just right. Then I started looking at profiles. I didn't really expect to find anyone that would really spark my interest. As I was browsing, I came across the profile of a girl who I thought was really cute. She has a little girl with her in the picture too. I sent her a smile and went on my merry way. She sent me a smile back and we went back and forth, sending smiles back and forth. As time went on, we kinda dwindled off. Maybe a smile every 2-3 weeks. This was all in August to about October of 2005. I didn't think about it much as I was getting ready to start school at the University of Utah plus I was dating someone else. I went to my Psychology class at the U and found a friend or two in the class and we sat together- no big deal. Then one day, as I came in late, I sat next to my friend as usual. Next to him was an empty seat and next to that was a tall, beautiful, blonde girl that I could have sworn I knew from somwhere. I asked if I could sit down and she said that she didn't bite too hard. I then replied that I was more worried about my friend in that regard. She laughed, I sat and we talked through the whole class. As it turned out, this tall gorgeous, blonde was the same girl that I had been sending smiles too on here! We didn't make the connection at first, but when we did, it was quite the entertaining experience. Anyway... to make what is a really long story a little longer, Ashleigh and I are engaged to be married on October 21 in the Bountiful temple. Yay!


Wild1975sm was always there for me

I actually knew my fiance when I was 14. He had a crush on me but my best friend liked him so I refussed to be his girlfriend. Wild1975sm was always there for me and saw me through my 2 marriages. I actually helped him make his profile better on LDSmingle so he could find him ideal wife. He finually got the nerve up to ask me out, again. It was different because he was a best friend not a date. But it was great! We had more in common and the temple goal in mind helped keep us focused. My little family loves him and we are happy.
He was only 91% for me but I was a 99% match for him. Don't give up on not having a "100%", you will be amazed how much your match has in common with you.
Thanks to all who sent me smiles and good luck to all...your match could always have been your "Best Friend".
Me2you4 & Wild1975sm

Me2you4 & Wild1975sm

6 months later we were married

I was living in Houston Texas, and Erin was in St. George Utah. One day we were both online chatting. Her screen name was St. Pepper's Girl. Someone was making fun of her for liking the Beatles, I'm a huge Beatles fan, so I came to her defense. Within minutes we were chatting in private, we chatted for several hours a day for several days. Then we began to talk on the phone. Within a month I drove up to Utah. We dated for a month or so, flying back and forth between Texas and Utah. 6 months later we were married in the St. George Utah temple. Thanks LDSMingle!!

phishead & St. Pepper's Girl

We could not be happier

My future husband and I met on LDS mingle. He sent me a smile. After reading his profile I just felt this amazing connection with him. We talked on the phone for hours at a time. After several prayers we decided that this was right. We are now engaged to be married on November 11, 2006. With faith in our Heavenly Father and good whishes from our family's we will be starting our lifes together in Montana. We could not be happier. Thank you LDS mingle.


Best decision I have ever made in my life

Short and Sweet - We met using the chat room; then went to instant messaging; started talking on the phone; he proposed; we met in person; he proposed again; I waited three days; we met in person again and at the end of the evening we were engaged. We have now been married in the temple after getting clearance from the Brethren.

Best decision I have ever made in my life and I am grateful for this medium that gave me the opportunity to reach out from my little area into a bigger one and find someone who loves me for me and doesn't have any jealous feelings about what I like to do.

I play fiddle - and still perform around the country with my "ex." My husband encourages me because he knows how much it means to me. I am so grateful the Lord made it possible for me to meet this wonderful man through you guys.

Thanks bunches - and by the way - those of you who dissed my picture the first time you saw it - YOU OUGHT TO SEE ME NOW!!!!!!!!! But - looks aren't everything - That's not what counts on the other side. If you haven't got that final goal in your mind, you will continue to search because you are looking for all the WRONG things in a partner. Does she/he have a testimony of the whole picture? That is what will count - not how good looking or talented - Love sees through to the whole picture.

I'm just like everyone else - I like to have fun and want to live life to the fullest. I just feel badly that so many only look at the surface when using this program. Too bad. Look past - get to know - then you will find the gem you have been praying for.

Thanks again!



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