Success Stories: 2006

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We hit it off.

A beautiful woman sent me a smile and I responded. We communicated on Mingle for a short while then met in Palm Springs for our 1st date. We hit it off. The Lord had His hand in our meeting and has blessed us with a growing relationship. I don't know exactly where it is going from here, but I believe Mingles is/was the vehicle that made it possible for us to meet and time will tell if we end up in the Temple or not. ..... To be continued....

**UPDATED Jan 20th, 2007**
Well, the question has been asked and we are engaged to be married with many details to work out before the date can be set. So, another happy couple is on its way to the Temple to be sealed eternally. Thanks again Mignles for helping 2 more people find each other.

**UPDATED Sept 19th, 2007**
I started on LDSMingle a little over a year ago. I met a wonderful sister here in October 2006. We communicated via Mingle, e-mail, and phone for about a month. We finally met in person 1/2 way from where we both live. Our first datye was perfect, in Palm Springs at the top of the mountain. We hit it off!!!!! We continued to communicate using the same media. However, we would meet 1/2 way once a month and I would fly to where she lived once a month. I proposed early January. She accepted mid January. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple mid July (exactly 6 months after we were engaged). Now I commute twice a month to be with her. As soon as my former home sells, I will move to be with her. Thank you for helping us become an eternal family.


Never been happier!

I started chating to him here then met him a couple weeks later. Aparently we hit it off because we were engaged after a week. God has truely blessed me and my prayers have been answered. Never been happier!
Thank you LDS Mingle.


Very much in love

Wow! I joined LDSMingle about 2 months ago and never thought this day would come, but it did and I'm so pleased. I met my now husband 2 weeks later. I received an email with his profile in it and I then sent him a smile. He then returned my smile. We then met 2 weeks later and were sealed on December 2nd 2006. We are both very much in love and look forward to building a family. And I encourage you all to keep trying.

His story:

When I started to corespond with Sabrina I knew I should talk to her and call her, and I'm glad I did. Over the past two months we have hit it off. Now we are married and happier then ever. I'm a man of few words But I'm happy to be sealed and recieve the last ordanence in this life.
Lots of love

Angelle101 & danw72

A path to find my true love.

It began one dark and lonely night...I was at the LaGuardia airport in New York on the tarmac, waiting for my flight back to Salt Lake by way of Cincinatti. I had been traveling on business for about a week and was very eager to return home. A very bad storm had come in, and we were in line with 27 other planes waiting for a chance to take off. Being divorced, I wasn’t much in the mood to hear the constant kissing and frolicking going on in the seat behind mine with a newlywed couple just returning from their honeymoon. I have never met two people excited to be stuck before, but they were stuck…in more ways than one. After three hours, we had spent enough fuel, requiring us to return to the gate, and cancel the flight. Being a seasoned traveler, I knew what this meant…little or no chance of returning home that night, and tomorrow might be as bad. Good thing I had been in this situation before. As everyone files off in a mad rush for the gate desks to be rebooked, I simply picked up my mobile phone and called the airline reservation center.

It only took a couple of minutes, but I got one of three final seats on the earliest flight out the next morning (although it was from JFK airport). It was already so late, and the new flight was so early the next morning, it made no sense to get a hotel, so I decided it would be a long night at the International terminal at JFK (the only terminal open 24x7). As I walk out of the jetway, I see the hopelessly romantic couple at the very end of the line waiting for reassignment. Obviously, they were distracted with other attentions (good thing they weren’t in the exit row) while the mad dash occurred.

I was about to head down to get my luggage when I had what can only be described as a “prompting”. I felt very strong that I should give my phone to the honeymoon couple before I hang up with the agent. Something told me that they needed the two remaining seats on the first flight the next morning. So I went up to the couple at the end of a very long line, and introduced myself and told them I had an agent standing by to give them two direct flights back the next morning. In a bit of a surprised look, they thanked me and took my phone, and within a couple of minutes, the three of us were confirmed on the last seats out the next morning.

Because we had to travel to another airport, the couple asked if I wanted to split a cab ride with them to get to JFK. I told them that would be fine (with the hope that less smooching would be taking place). So we all got our luggage and got a cab. During the 38 minute drive to JFK, we got to know each other better. We had all three been on missions and active in the church. We had all been previously married. They told me that they had met online through LDSMingle. I was going to try online dating soon, but had never heard of LDS Mingle. They said it was the best site out there and I definitely needed to try it.

When we got to JFK, we found a place to eat (being about 1:00am) where they further insisted I get online and meet someone. After our meal, I wished them well and decided to explore the International Terminal…at least that is what I told them. I went and found a nice quite corner and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t get this couple out of my mind, and what they had told me. So at 3:00am I abandoned the idea of sleep and turned on the laptop. With the use of my broadband wireless card, I got online and took a look at this website.

I decided to fill out a free profile to see what would happen. So I spent the rest of the early morning hours answering all of the questions and writing my profile.

After clicking the submit key, I jumped on my flight and returned to Salt Lake. A few weeks later, I found the woman of my dreams there on LDSMingle. She is my ideal match and everything I could have ever asked for in a companion. Just today we returned from our honeymoon after getting married the end of last week. I feel that a very architected series of events, that started with severe storms off the eastern seaboard, were put into place leading me down a path to find my true love. I couldn’t be happier.

SLCPrince & onenonly

We hit it off immediately.

Hi, I just had to let you know that because of your service, I have met my match! Both myself and my wife were members of your service. In late May of this year, I read her profile, and was interested. Less than five minutes
later she messaged me and we talked for over an hour. We found we had many common interests, and had set up a date for 3 weeks later. I drove to visit her and we hit it off immediately. We continued to chat online and on the phone every day until September when I moved to her town and we were maried on September 8, 2006! My wife tells me she has developed some of her greatest friendships through your service, and now has even found her match.
We were both extremely pleased with your service and the people we were able to meet online. We appreciate what you have done for us, and have
inlcuded a picture of us from our wedding.


I love him so much!

I met the love of my life on this website. He is the person that I have been waiting and praying for! He is the sweetest, most handsome gentleman I have ever met. He tells me over and over again that he loves me, and I do the same in return. We chatted online for about 3 weeks, then went to talking on the phone for 2 weeks, before we decided to meet. We knew by our second date that we were meant for each other. 2 months later, smalltownman proposed, and now we are going to be married in the Logan Temple in March 2007. I have never been so happy, and it is all thanks to your website. He lived on one side of Idaho, and I lived on the other. After we met, I moved to a town next to his to be closer to him. Now, not a day goes by that we don't see or talk to each other. I love him so much! Thank you!

lynnie27 & smalltownman

I had stolen his heart.

Her story.........

Justin and I met in October 2006 because of LDS Mingle. However, it is an unlikely story. I was in the chat room carrying on with my friends joking about how men are lame and don't call girls; you know that typical girl gripe session. When one of my friends got the bright idea to post her phone number in the chat room. After her another girl and then me. I went along because I thought there is no way a guy is going to call me out of the blue like that. I was right, I did not receive a call but what I did get was a text message.

Justin texted me and we talked that way for a few minutes and said our goodbyes. For the next couple of weeks he texted me a hello here and there. I thought nothing of it, not lending it much thought, until one day I received another text. I had never saved his number nor did I recognize it so when I got the random text I decided I would call to ask who it was. Little did I know that the man who answered the phone would be my future husband. We had never talked on the phone before so when I heard his voice I did not recognize it. We talked for a couple minutes, and I still thought nothing of it. I went on several dates and carried on with my life.

We began talking and texting a little more until we were talking on the phone 15-20mins a day and texting countess times. Strangely enough I still don't know what really happened, but just like the stroke of a key it all changed. He began to matter to me and I could not wait to hear his voice. One thing led to another and we decided we should meet the last week of December. But just like everything else in our story that also changed. The day before Thanksgiving I got a crazy urge to go to Salt Lake city. I don't know why or how because it was not something I had even considered in thought before that moment. The drive would have been to far so the next thing I knew I had purchased a ticket to fly out on December 1st.

I missed my flight, the first flight I have ever missed, nothing went according to plan. Truth be told every time I have met someone through mingle things have gone perfectly in terms of preparation including knowing I was attracted to the person before ever calling or talking to them. Everything about Justin and I's experience is unique. On November 24th Justin told me he loved me and that I had stolen his heart. I knew that I loved him to but I was still unsure if that love could extend into real physical life. Lucky for both of us it did.

Justin's heart until now belonged to another woman. A woman who gave him two of the most beautiful little boys in the world. She was strong, compassionate, loving, and is dearly missed. I feel so fortunate that he has made room for me in his heart and I pray that I will raise her children and love him as she would have. We both agree that she had a hand in putting us together and we will never lose sight of that. I am so lucky to have found a best friend, future husband, two beautiful little boys, and a loving family all rolled into one.

When we met at the airport, the second he put his arms around me I knew it was real and that I had finally come home. Our story began with a simple text message, there is no telling how, where, or when you will meet the right one, but believe me when I say there is no predicting meant to be it just happens. I am moving to Salt Lake City in January so we can continue adding chapters to our unexpected fairytale.

His Story.....

I met a wonderful, fantastic, talented, woman in New Mexico who I can see spending the rest of my life with here and after. OOOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Lovemyhemi & Green_Tranquility

Green_Tranquility & Lovemyhemi

I usually ignored profiles without pictures.

On March 27, 2005, I met Irina on LDSMingle. I was browsing through profiles and I found her profile without any pictures. I usually ignored profiles without pictures, but I read this one anyway, and I could tell that she was an awesome girl. I wrote her, and she wrote back on March 28, 2005. From that point on we wrote emails back and forth, but then during the summer of 2005, we began to fall in love with each other. In March of 2006, I went to Russia to meet her in person, and on March 28, 2006 we got engaged (exactly 1 year after she wrote me for the first time). After I returned home from Russia, we immediately began the long visa process to bring Irina here. On November 25, 2006 we were married in the Oakland Temple for time and all eternity. At this time, Irina and I thank LDSMingle for the opportunity we had to meet each other. LDSMingle is the Number 1 LDS Dating Sight on the Internet!

Josh and Irina


We were meant to be together.

Well....where do i begin? We both met on here and instantly connected. Within moments it became clear that we were meant to be together. I am so excited to spend forever with her! She makes me feel like a real man. I love her with all my heart and would do anything for her.


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