"Right person, right place, right time."

My amazing bride and I were married on July 15, 2006. We met on Mingles and dated for 18 months before being married and sealed in the Oakland Temple. "Right person, right place, right time."

Just wanted to thank Mingles for the great blessing of making it possible for us to have met. We took our time, talked about everything, unselfishly gave our kids the time they needed to adjust, and the Lord blessed us each with an incredible opportunity!

Thanks to the wonderful friends I've met through this site that have taught me and shared with me a part of them. To the rest, I highly recommend EACH WORD in Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in His timetable!

Remember, He only has three answers to our prayers, especially the really big ones: 1) Yes 2) Not yet, and 3) I've got something better.

After many challenges in life, including heartache in romance, I've learned this to be true.

May the Lord bless you with the faith to follow His promptings ...



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