the future looks just marvelous

Thanks for the congratulations. We couldn't be happier. Our story is a simple one. After dating for 6 years and meeting many men on both ldssingles and the mingle, I finally decided that a widower with a long history of marital happiness with one partner would probably be a better choice for me than a divorcee with baggage and hangups, not to mention financial difficulties. I also wanted to end up in St. George where my family is, so I saw "Truthandlight"'s info and decided to make contact. I was called "retired". We communicated for just a short while and decided to meet, 3 months ago. We had an instant attraction and it grew quickly into a full blown romance. Our wedding is in 3 weeks and the future looks just marvelous for us. I will send you a picture of us up in the red rocks of St George. Thanks for your website. Without it we might have never met.

retired & Truthandlight

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