We're getting married in Texas

I am from Chile. I met him on June 10th. I had been a member of LDS Mingle for a long time, but with no good results. When I met him I wasn't looking for anything, just to talk. So, we had a chance to become great friends. We laughed so much. We started talking on the phone in July, we often jokingly said I should fly up to see him. In August, he had to go through an Army leadership training course, but we were not apart, he called me on his cell phone whenever he could.

Before his training course was over, I decided I would go up to the United States to see him. Without telling even my family, I did all the paperwork to get my passport, visa and (with my dad's help) a plane ticket. When I told them (my family and Carl) the news that I was going, I got a lot of reactions. My family cried, Carl was extremely excited, my ward was excited too.

But, I was going up just to see him. He put me up with a young couple in his ward, I am staying with them until we get married. He proposed on October 10th after visiting the Dallas temple. But, where he proposed was in a gun store.

We're getting married in Texas and having a reception in Idaho on December 10th with his family.


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