We lived at the opposite ends of Utah

We met on here November 14, 2004. We were both killing time before church one Sunday morning and I sent her an instant message. We talked for a couple of hours that morning and made plans to meet back online after church. We talked for hours everday online and on the phone ever since then. We met about a month later in person after we met online. We had our first date in Las Vegas. It was so perfect and so comfortable, we hit it off in person immediately just like we did online. It was the beginning of forever. We are getting married on Oct. 14, 2005, eleven months from when we first met. We're so grateful for the blessing of meeting each other through LDS Mingle. We lived at the opposite ends of Utah and would have never met if it hadn't been for this site. There have never been two people on this earth that were made for each other as much as we were.


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