We even want to be married in the same temple

His Story:
I met this wonderful women named Jennifer, she was every thing I ever wanted and more. She is very spiritual, and she is the missing rib I have been longing for. We have so much in common, we even want to be married in the same temple. I wish the best of luck for all who seek, and just keep in mind follow your heart, mind, and spirit. If it was not for the lord, I would of never found my sweet love Jennifer. It was the will of the father who joined us together. And it was all because of Mingle. Thanks and God Bless you all.

Her story:
LDS Mingle enabled me to meet the man who I trust to see me to the other side of the veil from thousands of miles apart, without ever leaving my living room. I plan to marry "Michaelasteede" in the Nauvoo Temple just as soon as he returns home safely to me from Iraq. To all those who have been browbeat for using this medium of exchange, or are simply too embarrassed to let anyone know that you are even on a singles internet site - We are proof that Heavenly Father blesses those who use these tools righteously. I am so grateful to live in this day of technology that allowed me to meet my eternal companion. May God watch over and bless you all in your continued pursuits here.


**Updated May 25th, 2006**
Ours is a truly lovely and unique success story...Michael is now, and in fact has always been deployed in combat in Iraq since the day we met. Just like those romantic stories of the past, he came home on his combat R&R
leave and married me on Easter Sunday.

michaelasteede & Jonsee

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