We are now engaged to be married

On July 24th, 2005, I was online just checking out some guys and found a guy in my area I thought seemed like a nice guy. We started chatting and I am a very blunt person and asked him what he was up to that night. My friends and I were just going to hang out and watch a movie, so I invited him to come along. He informed me he was really shy and I took that as a challenge. I told him I'd pick him up in 10 minutes and asked for his phone number. He surprisingly gave me his number and I called him and got his address. I really don't recommend meeting this quick, but I had friends there to back me up. He turned out to be a wonderful guy! We hung out that night, then he asked me to come with him the next day to his family party on Pioneer day. I went and we hit it off so well he asked me out that next day. We've dated ever since! We are now engaged to be married in the summer of 2006 in the Oakland Temple. Thank you so much for helping us find each other!

Heavensangel & Basketballman21

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