We are a mere 11,000 miles away

Dear Sara:

For all those who are paying attention to any success stories, here goes. On November 20th, I will be winging my way to "Lovingmom" to visit her in East London, South Africa, from Seatac Airport, Seattle, a mere 11,000 miles away.

This I do in order to get a notarized certificate and photo of us actually meeting for immigration purposes, so I can fill out the Immigration Fiancee entry forms so she and her two daughters can join me here and get married.

The process from its inception should be complete and we will wed approximately in late March or early April. We will then prepare to go to the Oakland Temple one year from that date, to fulfill a revelation I had in 1969 of that Temple while I was still a Catholic.

The dream takes place in a Coast Guard Boot Camp setting, with a bunch of men dressed in green being yelled at by a man in white. The next part of the dream was my sitting by a large window that was closed and seeing the Temple Spire. This deam came true, and I was later transfered to Ketchikan, Alaska where I was eventually baptized on Jan 21st 1970. The Oakland Temple was on the Church Calendar that month.

Since that time I have seen it four times in 1976 and 1977 from on board the Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, but could not leave the ship to visit it, and it being closed for renovations.

So to honor my dream "Lovingmom" will join me and we will get sealed in the Oakland Temple. And, to honor her as a French Huguenot of Rodesian birth, I am allowing her to keep her maiden name. Thus allowing honor to be given to her ancestors as well, so she does not lose her Africaner identity and belonging.

Her two daughters are ecstatic over the prospect of getting a new dad that can show them the love that has been missing from their lives, and also to have the priesthood in their lives. "Lovingmom" especially.

Dearest Sara,

When I first joined your site, I was so frustrated as nothing went right, my payment never reached you and I kept on having problems trying to log in. Then I sent a second payment and in the mean time I met a wonderful man who sent me his profile, which my daughters read and they liked what they saw immediately. They were convinced this was their future Dad as his profile
spoke to them and they had a good feeling about him, more so than any other profile on the site.

My 15 year-old sent "Photogenius" an email and to this day I do not know what transpired between them, all I do know is I was prepared to get to know him better as my girls felt he was the one.
My 15 year-old had been praying for a man to come into my life for the last six months and every time she bore her testimony she would tell my ward how she had asked Heavenly Father to find a worthy Priesthood holder for her mom. Well her prayers were answered in the form of one well written profile that tugged at the heart strings of two young girls who would not stop until their mother took note and looked in the same direction. "Photogenius" came back to me with "what a commute". I loved his sense of humour and then we started emailing each other on a regular basis, and the more we emailed, the more I liked this sincere, loving, and caring man with a
laugh in his voice and a smile that makes you melt. It was exactly 3 weeks to the day when he sent his profile to me that he proposed. I was shocked, but decided to take it to the Lord in prayer, well the answer I got was so powerful and so overwhelming that I could not stop the tears of happiness streaming down my face. I felt like the Lord was in my room with me and telling me he was well pleased with my choice. The next day I woke up feeling like my heart was going to burst as something good was going to happen today. This was exactly 3 weeks later to the day, the whole day I
spent pouring my heart out to "Photogenius" and telling him all about who I am, and as I disconnected that night and turned to kneel in prayer the phone rang and it was "Photogenius" asking me to marry him when he arrived in South
Africa to meet me. Well, this time I knew I could really say yes as I had received my answer from above and I knew my Heavenly Father was well pleased with my choice. When I told my Bishop the next day as I believe in the report back system with my Bishop, he too had a wonderful feeling about this union. We are planning to be married at the East London chapel in South Africa on the 6th January 2006, it will be exactly 22 weeks from the time he first sent me his profile, so I guess as I said in my profile when I find the right partner the distance will not be an issue. I found this to be true with "Photogenius", he is all that I have been looking for and more.Thank you for making it possible for me to find such a gem, I look forward to being sealed with my girls to "Photogenius" for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple next year. We will be relocating to Elma, Washington and "Photogenius" is adopting my two girls.

May this site prosper and continue to unite those that are truly seeking their eternal partners. Sara, many thanks to you and your staff for all you do to make this a wonderful site to meet sincere partners. Have a magical day and may you always be blessed with all you stand in need

Fondest love your sister in the gospel,

Dearest Sara,

As of 5PM on the 31st of December "Photogenius" and "Lovingmom" were joined as man and wife in the Elma first ward in Grey's County Harbor of the State of Washington. Thank you so much for helping us to find each other and for all your wonderful support and your amazing site. I have given your site to so many and they have seen my results and they also now believe that your site is genuine and has some amazing people online. I made some wonderful friends and I am so glad that my bad beginnings had such a wonderful ending, I am so happy and the girls and I are now living in Elma, WA, We love your country and we love our new home and the new man in our lives. Have a wonderful New Year and may you continue to bring joy to many more couples out there. I know if we are sincere and we really let the spirit guide us we will find the right person who is out there waiting for us, and even if it seems impossible at first, pray and make your desires known to your Heavenly Father and if it is right the way will be opened up for you, I bear testimony of this. I know that Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and he wants us to be happy, but we also need to do our share to make this possible. Thank you for making my dreams come true and for introducing me to my wonderful husband, I have never been happier and I look forward to being sealed to him for time and all Eternity.

May you all be blessed in your quests of finding the right partner, let the spirit guide you and you will have hearts desire, I Know this gospel is true and I know if we are obedient to the commandments we will be blessed and Heavenly Father will always watch over us. Have a really magic day and again thank you so much for the joy you have given me and my man.

All our love and best wishes,
Photogenius and Lovingmom

Photogenius and Lovingmom

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