Warm feeling all the time

Another Successful Mingles Match!! We may not have ever met without the help of LDSMingles. We all seem to want someone to cuddle with by a warm fire. But how nice it has been to find that same warm feeling all the time ---
-As we share conversation and can be open and honest without judgments
-As we pray together and discuss the gospel and our testimonies
-As we love and support each other during busy and stressful times, and as we integrate our lives and our extended families
-As we laugh and play together and share our sometimes silly sense of humor

We married on Dec 30, 2004 and have finally found the love and peace for which we have been searching for so long.

"itretulikealady" and "artistgal"

PS He certainly does treat me like a lady!
PPS She really is a lady and an outstanding artist, thank you Mingles!

itretulikealady & artistgal

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