The site which changed our lives

Hi Sara,

Bet you don't get too many temple marriages with as short of notice as Lorna's and myself. We chatted, then talked via skype, then determined to be sealed in the Manila Temple which we accomplished on 5th April. We'll probably be living here in the Philippines until the papers are ready to return to CONUS. Then, we plan to spend half our time there, half here. Thank you from both of us for the site which changed our lives!

**Updated May 29th, 2006**

It's hard to believe, but more than a year has passed since Lorna and I were sealed for time and eternity in the Manila, Philippines Temple. We first met on the Mingle website in late February of 2005, and were married on April 5th. My birthday falls on that date, so I have no excuse for not remembering our anniversary.
Since that time, we have been on an extended honeymoon. When we saw that it was going to take some time for Lorna's immigration application to be approved and the visa issued, we bought a home in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. For the past year and more, the two of us (Lorna mostly) have been beautifying it until now it is a joy for both of us. We'll probably leave for the U.S. some time this year, but it is doubtful that we will ever live in a home as nice as this. The home came with a cat. Now the cat is a grandmother with a daughter and three grandkittens.
We're indebted to Mingle and to Lorna's brother-in-law who paid for her subscription. I coincidentally subscribed at just about the same time. Neither of us corresponded extensively with anyone else. Because of expensive telephone bills, we switched over to Skype, a free internet telephony system and our conversations were hours long. We talked of serving a mission and held regular family prayer morning and evening. We fell in love with each other and our love has constantly grown since then. About three weeks after we began talking with each other, I arrived at Bacolod. Lorna was not hard to find. We had a prearranged plan for her to have a card with "Drifter Two", her Skype name, printed on it. About two weeks later, we flew to Manila with our wedding entourage.
The enclosed pictures were taken at our first wedding anniversary celebration held at Paradiso, a beachside resort near our home. Now, well into our second year of marriage, we are anxious to see what lies ahead when we travel to the U.S. Thank you, Mingle!


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