Thank you LDS and the LDS Mingles group

Thank you to LDS Mingle. Coming out of 5 years in Scientology was hard. I was investigating many Churches and faiths and LDS was one of them. After going to the homes pages for LDS, I found a middle of the road Church I felt comfortable with. I contacted the local ward and at about the same time met another on LDS Mingles with just an 86% match.

She gave me the ultimate encouragement about finding out the truth about Mormonism, and it all came into prohibition this past weekend. She flew about 800 miles from the blizzard in the N.E. to attend my Baptism. It meant that much to her.

Without this good woman being there when I had questions, I might still be out there looking for the right faith. The Elders were most informative during my investigations and I sense that almost everyone in our Church wants to help when called on.

Thank you LDS and the LDS Mingles group.


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